Fighting with spears

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I’ve seen some interesting videos recently on fighting with spears. They’re re-enactors, not larpers, so have different target areas, but they’re still interesting and potentially educational. First, there’s the classic from Lindybeige on spears are better than shields, complete with Science!

That one has a number of different combinations, as well as group fights. In NZ larping, most spears are used two-handed, and often in a defensive “scorpion” stance, giving you easy blocking (at the cost of keeping the enemy at a distance), and making it easy to hit people in the legs. When I’ve tried one handed spear with a shield, it hasn’t worked well, because the spear is slow and the opponent has easy leverage. But there’s another video I saw on reddit the other day which does things differently:

Essentially, they’re couching their spear under their arm like a lance, or just resting it there and using it lightly like a very very long sword. Which looks interesting, and I’m tempted to try it (with a stab-safe, of course) at fight club sometime.