Favourite moments


Would love to hear some of your favourite games and favourite moments here. (Facebook is fine, but only friends can see the posts and they get buried fast).


My best moment was helping my team win Tug of War in the Hydra Games. Being the only ‘red’ character, against a few other people who OOC are way more badass, I thought we were fighting a loosing battle, even before we started. Even with the ‘mechanic’ that was built in, I felt we’d loose. however, commanding the team to pull and hold really made a difference I think. Thanks Team Black!


Hmm well I wrote a bit of a thesis on facebook… but I guess I can try to boil it down to just the bare bones of my favorite parts… maybe.

First larp: The arm wrestling! Being allowed to tell the epic story of how I slew the Winter Wolf.

Second Larp: Awkward conversations with Arthur as I tried to get to know him as my future husband (not that he knew that) “Just let things happen naturally dear.” “Ergh, this is hard. Can’t I just slay a dragon an win his heart that way?!” and even more awkward conversations with my father as I tried to work out why my mother didn’t want him to know about me.

Third Larp: Panicked searching of the airship! Arguing over whom was chasing whom before we crashed! Going to punch Morgan “If you punch me, Britain dies”

Flagship: The varied responses of my children to learning of their parentage. “I thought… you were my mother.” “No son, I am your father.” My lover’s frustration and confusion as I switched between affectionate and prude. The angels reaction to me trying to get them to let me go, particularly Daniels Angel, Tiore, who was a really good sport about everything, all things considered. The awkward “Can you please check if this person is also one of your children” conversations. Picking on the reaper, who, because she did not realise at first that i was her former (and future) boss, perhaps told me a little more about her plans to slack off and watch some theater than she should have. Switching between personalities at random, trying to really connect with my children, sneering in impotent rage at every undying I crossed and the awesome ritual scene at the end, complete with a tackled angel and me free to rule the underworld with an iron fist/free to live and have an afterlife once more. So many cool things in that larp. I keep thinking of more.

5th larp: Taking control of my husband and basically giving him no say in his fate for the rest of the larp. This included paying his whore to go away, bribing the barkeep to stop him from getting more booze, and buying a goldmine so he couldn’t claim he had to go somewhere else to work. Sally: “$500 and I’ll leave town and set up somewhere else” Me: “$100, it’s more than enough” Sally: “$170 and I’ll testify that the preacher came to my seeking my ‘services’” Me: “Deal.” I then used this blackmail material to talk the preacher down on the price he wanted for his land.

6th larp: Everyone seemed to really be getting into the slapstick, it’s was really funny! Particularly the terror of the Jell-o, and all of the jokes that the led to, as well as the random outbursts from me as I received alien radio signals. “Guys, I’m leaving orbit if you don’t respond!” “I’m lying. I’m still here. I’m just gonna say random crud until someone answers me” “I like puppies, they’re so cute… and vunerable…”


Sunset in the Silver City:

  • Stalking around as the Angel of Death and trying to push for a Trinity
  • Witnessing the stand off between a certain being and another certain being was awesome, and then finally getting to do my job in the cleanup afterwards
  • Hedgehogs!
  • “Does this mean Hell has finally frozen over?”
  • The committee. I have to chuckle at that.
    It was great having the complete contrast between “quite definitively angels” and “quite definitively fallen angels” and seeing those that were wavering. The costume collaboration between the group of fallen/demons was awesome and very Gaiman-esque. Huge thanks to Dave and Martin for writing such a fun game.

Crossing of the Caliburnus had some wonderful touching moments for me with Nick P’s character. The fondness and protectiveness I felt towards him, then my memories coming back and realising just the things that I’d gotten myself (and perhaps others) into. The ending of that had a huge amount of intense build up and I personally felt it rather epic, and kinda stressful IC! Very much hanging out for the sequel to that one :wink: Big, big thanks to Anna for running it, especially after not having very much sleep the night before!

The Insubstantial Pageant was brilliant. So much of a rollercoaster for poor Diarmaid, who didn’t quite know what to do with all of the things that she was presented with, and ended up getting herself rather entangled in a couple of things. Being torn between a sense of duty, a sense of family, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of love was so much fun, and somehow she still managed to end up with everything she wanted, though not quite how she expected. The Undying became a real solidarity point for me, that was great.

Hrothgar’s Hall on Sunday was a whole lot of tired, silly, morning fun. Slapping each other on the back and hearing everyone’s inner monologues that were just so different to their outward facade was great. Favourite moment was probably going up to Idiot and using the same mechanic on him as the GM that we were all using on each other, and his response was “You lot are all mad!”. Props also go to Ciarán for being so insanely up for all of the things. Definitely a great game and one I’d love to see in other settings in the future.

Hydra Games was probably my favourite game of the weekend, though it’s a really close decision. I loved having the chance to revisit the Angel of Death after the events of Sunset in the Silver City, and explore the connections with the other angelic beings while trying to figure out what the strange mortals were up to, both the ones I recognised (vaguely), and the ones I didn’t. Giving myself up as the team’s sacrifice because “I was always curious about what dying is like” and then being completely turned around when what happened wasn’t what I was expecting. And then the Battle Royale, oh man. So much epicness, and mad props to Russ and Jarratt. “They want to see death? Then let’s give them Death himself!”


I totally thought we would lose as well. I think Raphael suggested I go in the front because I had grip on my boots. Of course when I saw Noko in front I was totally like I will go in front of her and protect her from the fire. Barachiel got quite caught up in the Bravosi’s story. Anyway it turns out my boots were gold, I could just lean all the way back and hold on. With your leadership in the back it was awesome.

Hydra Games had a bunch of other great moments. The game invasion and then Evie in the other game starting to take selfies with everyone was pretty funny. Strking down Death with a great tale of her deeds.

Hotel Paradise when Steph and I decided to rebuild a ghostly staircase using the corpus of a corpse that had been lying there for 6 years. That didn’t go down so well with the others. Trust Steph and I to get up to creepy shit in a Larp.

Silver City staring out at Oblivion and wanting to walk to my doom. Ultimately giving up a dream of mortality and death to rebuild a new world for the humans I loved so much.

Flagship was definitely my tower rendezvous, and the fact that there was so much going on I always had stuff to do.

I ran Oz and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but I loved the costumes and interpretation people brought to the game. It was wonderful.

Hrothgar Hall was pretty silly fun, but perfect for a Sunday morning and I loved how the monologue mechanic showed that every single one of these boasting tough Vikings was just a little bit scared to face the monster Grendel.

Definitely a fun weekend.


I’ll try and limit myself to one or two from each of the games…

Friday Night, crewing for Roadhouse Blues- the reaction to my walking into the crew-room in the only casual t-shirt I had in my suitcase, which happened to have a Calvin and Hobbes-style picture of Sam and Dean on it… I had a blast as the girl who’d been bitten- from Nik being sympathetic- “these people are all crazy! We have to get out of here and call the police!”, to Frank patiently trying to explain to my freaked-out attack victim that all those vampire movies were real, to the big denouement and leaving the bar OOC to see the other hunters coming back with the cure for my character just that bit too late- great dramatic moment.

Saturday morning was Sunset in the Silver City- I loved Team Hell, we looked so Neil Gaiman (which also had the benefit of being really easy to do)- and the arrival at the Prima Mobile was great. Watching Anna do her thing as Lucifer- I was just in awe of the roleplaying. Norm’s reaction to my Lust Demon’s Virgin Mary t-shirt before the game was great too.

Saturday afternoon: Oz Reloaded: I actually really enjoyed this game. It was quite a mindf*** and yes, extra GMs could have helped, but I loved the concept, the world, and my character Tik Tok [REDACTED] was really interesting. Thanks to Chris too for agreeing to do a joint costume concept- I thought we looked fab :smiley:, and I enjoyed the other performances, especially Liz as Tattypoo, Richard as Nome, and Bryn as the Lion. Some awesome costuming and roleplaying from people. I hope it gets re-run.

After that it all becomes more of a blur.

Saturday evening: I ran a flagship. Again. I think the reason I keep getting suckered into doing it is it’s so fun watching these characters you’ve been so invested in for months and months finally coming to life, and finding out how the story is going to play out. I had a particularly proud moment when I saw the Orbitalers all together for a photo, because that was the first faction I wrote. Other great fun moments included “We are going to be SO RICH” (you know who you are), the look of delight and triumphant scientist-ness of Anna when she got her machine working (and the reactions from the nobles), the Angels. Gosh, the angels! Fraser as Mukesha- “Now what can I do for the House of Dilara”- there were shades of Badger from Firefly in there methinks. So great. Mel grabbing her bewildered no-longer-undying sister Amanda into a hug. And Daniel fully breaking me as the game was winding down, when Sophie was explaining how she’d intended to flirt with a lot more people but there were so many serious things going on she didn’t have time except for a brief special moment with Daniel’s character- at which point he walked up, looked at Sophie and asked if she fancied a shag. Broken. Oh, and looking away from the now-open coffin, and looking back a couple of minutes later to see Hannah McKie in it. Why is Hannah in a coffin? Ohhhhh… There were lots of other things but it was a flagship and I was desperately trying to keep everything that was going on in my head so I know I missed a lot of what was happening.

Sunday morning: We shall not speak of this. There was a LOT where my reaction was ‘good Lord, CANNOT UNSEE’- which for a Slash GM is saying something. All I can say is I love how much energy the players- both newbies and returning Slash devotees- brought to the game. I had a blast running it, and I’m pretty sure Anna did too. Also Nick Pitt was a tremendous NPC and we would gladly have him back again next year.

Sunday afternoon: LARP at a Funeral- by this point I was completely, totally exhausted. But people seemed to have fun and the responses we’ve had have been really good in general, people enjoying the game is all that matters to me. Jenni was amazing as a co-GM and as the NPC character, but I always knew she would be. We had a great cast, including a very tired Nasia who stepped in at the last minute (THANK YOU). Idiot as Uncle Alfie was a roleplaying tour-de-force. A very horrifying tour-de-force, but a tour-de-force nonetheless. The line about coconuts will haunt me. All that and a surprisingly touching eulogy from Matt Swain’s character. A great end to the weekend.

Thanks to everyone I RP’d with, to the GMs of the games I was in, and the players I GM’d for. I had a great weekend. Can I go get more sleep now?


[quote=“AhGoodTheSea”]Saturday evening: I ran a flagship… Other great fun moments included “We are going to be SO RICH” (you know who you are)[/quote] :wink:

I made the fatal mistake of looking at my father’s coffin in the middle of that, and suddenly sobered up… (in and out of character!) It turned from a drunken “Let me get this over with so I can THROW YOU ALL OUT OF MY HOUSE” to “I’m going to miss you Dad” at that point :cry: