Favourite moments


Some of my favourite moments from the game:

First game, loved getting into costume at the start and seeing all the other amazing costumes people had made and the fantastic set dressing the crew had come up with.

My little sister, from the first meeting as she was a slave and Sosa just grabbing Fox and dragging her along to show her his sister just. The communication that was going on between Sosa and Margie with just looks and small gestures. Bryn’s slaver that was trying so hard to get himself killed. Through to later when she had recovered and started guilt tripping Sosa about leaving the tribe and her and not staying and leading. To the teasing about babies and trying to marry each other off. To her shy attraction to the Doctor Allan, and Sosa just blatantly walking up to Allan and asking if her was married, then telling Allan’s mother that he better marry Margie if he knew what was good for him :wink:. Oh and Margie’s joy at finding out Sosa hadn’t been killed by raiders and actually launching herself across the room at him so I literally caught her in my arms. Thanks Nik, loved this NPC.

Fox, less I can say here without giving too much away. But many great conversations and moments. The partners in crime, being involved in the middle of a lot of conflicts many started by them…or one of them cough Fox cough, but always looking out for each other. Enjoyed watching her reaction to Margie’s teasing. The time they were teasing each other about numbers of lovers and jealousy :wink:. Fox just straight out shooting in the head the person that knocked out Sosa. And then at the end after the assassination attempt, both grievously wounded curled up beside each other. Thanks Sam, really liking the Fox and Sosa characters we made.

The interaction with some of the other characters and NPCs were great, even little interactions that set up relationships, Sosa trusting Tim to keep his gun or Soloman having concerns with violence. Loved a scene where Hannah’s character (never found out her name), high on Emerald was trying to explain to a confused Sosa about her shiny star/crown/flower thing. I ended up having a lot of great interactions with the Doctors funnily enough, and each is different and fun in his and her own way. Oh and to all those characters that came to explain to Sosa and ask for his help with High Technology and Super viruses and so on, I hope it came across he had NO idea what you crazy people were on about, he’s a simple man.

Loved the Clement republic show down, and thinking oh crap, as I saw a couple of shots fired…as Sosa loyally still swung his axe.

Getting knocked out was fun and lead to some interesting drama later.

And the Raiders attack, so many raiders, so many guns, so many shields. Had to fight and then run across the room to get my shield. And I may not have realised how many raiders I was charging into until I was amongst them. But it felt pretty epic being in there fighting and turning and seeing most of the town behind tables with guns pointing over the top, very different to say a Teonn or 33AR battle.


I can’t really discuss what happened with my character too much since a lot of it is so hush hush!
[size=85](Lets just say it was a very “Welcome to the Family” session for me, in more ways than one)[/size]

When the Raiders attacked I was surprised I survived. Where I was standing I sort of had cover for those that came through the main door, then all of a sudden a group came through the back door and I spun around, had no cover and proceeded to lie on my back after being shot firing at them. Pretty badass (storywise) that I only came away with a few bullet wounds after being directly in the line of fire with no cover.

First I thought I would be killed, then sold in to slavery, then I was stripped of my rank (to which I seriously considered beating up Sophie’s character in the armoury), then after getting a drink, I was told information from an old “friend” that would get either of us killed, then while I was being charmed by Bryn’s character at the time who had been kind enough to buy me a drink, I was egged on to cause some trouble. After that happened, the General showed up. Then I was brought in to the militia office, almost shot in the head on two different occasions, later reinstated in to the militia then made to go do an almost suicidal mission which I did at the end of the session which now has interesting developments! Also Moira broke my heart cos I befriended her then she betrayed us all


[size=70]Also Fox and Sosa were scary and it was hard to keep composure since my character isn’t easily scared but I am [/size]


As I recapped last night, the favourite moment that directly impacted me: That stunned moment when the corpse of the Mayor was dragged back in, and everyone just turned to look at me with this semi-hopeful/accusatory look in their face. Oh crap. That ‘what the f***’ period in which a multitude of people (looking at you Hannah, Nick C and Mel in particular!) proceeded to mangle a standard electoral process into a one horse race - during a time of conflict! Thanks guys! Sigh. You’ll all get the political representation you deserve. Now get me another drink barkeep!

Sadly, I lay awake for hours this morning conceiving an action point plan for all the friggin’ huge number of tasks that need to be sorted out and delegated. Is that a good thing? Probably more scary than good!

But also as I said last night, I don’t LARP particularly much these days, and I just loved soaking up all the great impromptu acting going on around me. From the ‘oh god that guy has XYZ in my history and he’ll kill me’, to ‘he’s your BROTHER?’, complete with the full range of emotional highs and lows going on. Massive prop’s to everyone in that department. While LARP characters provide the setting for your behaviour, your personal responses to events both in and out of character is totally impromptu acting, and last night was at a level that everyone should be proud of. Good stuff!


I’m only playing an NPC here, and these are not necessarily “best” moments, but :

I never thought I’d have the dubious pleasure of being nominally in charge of a tactically numerically superior military force, and yet knowing there was only one order I could give that would actually be obeyed, and at the same time knowing that strategically & politically it was the wrong order to give.

Also, having to decide what is more important, the rule of law, or the ties of blood?
And associated with that, knowing that if anyone was going to pull the trigger, it would have to be me.
No way could I ask anyone in my command to execute my child for me.

Watching the video from my daughter. Doing her duty. And then finding out that this intelligence had been kept from me by my grand-daughter.

On a happier note, I enjoyed exchanging song lyrics with various people as Axel. Also Axel liked the bar, which gave away free food, and people kept buying Axel drinks.


How lucky they were!

Funny how many family problems were running about in this session :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure how to start so I’ll use what I put on FB and expand.

I enjoyed the dramatics of X grabbing me from behind and pushing her gun against me and everyone else freaking out and I was all ‘I got this’. Jackie and I had organised a pretty good back story for our characters and I knew that at some point something like this would happen. I told Jackie that she could be as physical as she wanted with me, and I’m so glad so many people got to witness what (I hope) was quite a cinematic scene. It was especially funny because Drake is so damn confident that she can talk her way out of anything, so Tom and various other people trying to help just seemed to be getting in the way XD

Also picking up a gun right in front of my captor without him knowing, and getting another gun from Solomon. - Hawk, Tom and I were sat at the bar talking about very serious things and I realised that Sophie’s maverick was on the bar between me and Hawk. I subtly moved it closer to myself and then just picked it up, Hawk was looking at me, but on my face I think, and definitely lost in thought. I snuck it behind my coat and kept it there half the game with no one realising. Then Solomon just straight out gave me a gun after the raider attack and I stuck it in my holster. My coat conveniently covered it, so Hawk and X didn’t realise, even though I was shooting during the fights.

The scene outside getting the cuffs deactivated was so atmospheric. Flora definitely didn’t trust me, so I had to spill a few of my secrets so that they’d all understand. Drake was moved by the gesture and definitely considers herself in debt to Flora, Blake and AJ.

then the scene with Hawk in the truck where I realised he was almost completely without hope. We were stuck for what to do. Han Solo-esque I was convinced we could sweep in and do what had to be done and come out the other side without a scratch. Hawk of course, had been beaten down by circumstances and couldn’t see it working. Tough, but we did have a genuine moment, admitting we trusted each other. The bit where I casually told him the cuffs were deactivated and I had two guns and he wasn’t getting them back off me, and he just kind of blinked and shrugged was also awesome.

And of course, so many epic daddy issues scenes. Fraser is such a terrible father… he’s not angry, just disappointed, and I had so much to throw back in his face. But ultimately, Drake was pleased to see him and trusted him implicitly.


Sitting in my room in the hotel with AJ, reminiscing about our friendship in the Arc where we’d met and admitting that she’d had a real impact on my life- Flora doesn’t trust or attached to people easily, nor does she tend to admit to fondness for anyone outside of her immediate family, so telling AJ that she’d missed her was probably one of the hardest things she did all night. I’m still not sure that Flora 100% trusts AJ, but the internal struggle there is so much fun to play out.

Finding that my brother was, in fact, the head of the people-smuggling ring I’d spent years searching for and that the reason it’d been so hard for me to track them down was that he wanted to keep me away from the danger of his life and had forbidden all of his contacts from telling me everything. Far from feeling touched, Flora became fed up once and for all with his over-protectiveness and with the fact that, unbeknownst to her, he’d been tracking her movements and interfering with her life. (Simon Whittaker, you’re lucky your sister likes your wife and kids so much or you’d be dead, or at least missing a pair of balls.)

Bonding with Martin- As a bartender, herself, Flora was probably more disposed toward befriending him than any of the other townies. I loved it when we were hiding under the table during one of the shoot-outs, and since we were too far away to shoot any of the attackers ourselves, he turned to me and asked me if I wanted a drink. We had a fun moment talking shop while he mixed it for me and I even offered him some of my favourite Arc brew, ‘Midnight Hobo,’ from my flask.

Sitting at the bar between Travis and X who seemed to find Flora, who considered herself quite the badass, to be a cute, naive little Arcy who was fun to tease- Including their comments that her name made her sound sweet and innocent, which was actually what I was going for since I enjoyed its juxtopositon to what her life had been like. Their good-natured hazing was great, especially when I got my hopes up about Travis knowing about the person I was looking for- “Yeah, I heard’a Wilson.” “What do you know about him?” “I know some girl named Flora was askin’ about him in a bar in Crosspire.”

My conversations with Blake- Finding out that the guy who’d scared the hell out of Flora by showing up at her apartment in the Arc to question her about her knowledge of AJ in the middle of the night was actually sort of an OK person really messed with her head.

Threatening Raynor about what Flora’d do if she ever found out if any harm came to AJ because of him. Flora thought that she was unlikely to encounter him again for quite some time, if at all, and I really think that she just wanted to take out her jealousy and frustration on not being able to be with AJ herself on him. Finding out a few minutes later that he’d decided to travel with the guy who was escorting her back to the Arc gave her quite the ‘oh, shit’ moment.

All of my moments with my tape player. Sometimes the moments that give you the best sense of who a character is come when you least expect them and they’re not the particularly dramatic or public ones. Clutching the thing like a child with a teddy bear taught me a lot about who Flora is and what her priorities and insecurities are. Similarly, the realisation that since as an illegal undocumented immigrant in an Arc Flora didn’t exist in any official legal sense and was now outside of it in a place where her very being wasn’t illegal for the first time in fifteen years gave me quite a bit to think about.

Flora still doesn’t trust Drake, or necessarily believe a word she said- After all, she has no reason to, and she’s just not a person to whom trust comes easily. The decision to de-activate explosives on a person who might be standing close to her when they were detonated wasn’t a hard call for her to make, though. Talking about music with Drake was fun, and I suppose that post-apocalyptic Johnny Cash fans need to watch each others’ backs.


To be fair, your situation was pretty disappointing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tom was probably pleased to see Drake too. But it’s always pretty hard to tell with him.

Favourite moments:
*Handing a fresh apple to slave Hannah, then coming back to see that it had been taken by one of the guards. Taking it back off him with a warning of what I’d do to him if he did that again, then giving apples to all the slaves.
*The whole fix-the-generator mission turned out to be way more epic than I expected. And the turrets were adorable. Plus telling Nikki to toughen up when she got shot.
*Being grumpy and getting to walk off complaining that kids these days don’t know anything to Nikki, Muppet and Reuben.
*My arc with X was heartbreaking.
*And finally, talking with Hannah and saying how sorry I felt about what had happened to her at the hands of the slavers. To which she simply looked confused in her ragged clothing, asked me very innocently what had they done to her, then proceeded to fish drugs out of her pocket. I was pretty much breaking down in tears at the injustice of the world and then X confronted me with a plan which risked something similar for my daughter. There was just no way that was gonna happen. And the look on Jackie’s face when she realised I had made my choice, and it wasn’t too support her. Oh man, that was tough. But amazing.


The whole session was amazing and I’m still somewhat struggling to pick out exactly what happened, but here goes!

Meeting my brother (Okay, half brother, but AJ already considers him more family than the rest of what she’s got) for the first time. There were some awesome moments outside with him. From “You do realise who you are, right?” “What are you getting at?” to moments of “holy shit so THAT’S what my father does” and moments of half-sibling bonding over “Ugh, the sister, she’s a bitch”. It was all awesome.

Being confronted by my sister and the rush of terror that I felt as AJ, and then the angst that immediately followed. After all this time trying to blend in and be a “common person”, and to suddenly be recognized and what felt like being “head hunted” (Cassandra did tell me I was being horribly dramatic, after all!). And then the horrible, awful feeling of “I have no idea what to do now, or where to go” when faced with a huge decision to make. Perky, I’m so, so sorry.

Drinks at the bar with Flora and Eric and Travis and “BARKEEP!” ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) and chatting to Chloe (kind of). Decisions made under the influence of vodka, “the blue stuff”, and numerous sips of Flora’s “midnight hobo” from her flask, they’re the best decisions, right? Right?

Constantly running to Eric & sometimes my brother to ask for help and always being presented with the answer of “You gotta do this one on your own”, and then the realisation that I’d been born into making decisions, and that I have absolutely no idea how. There was a great hug from Eric at one point though, made me feel somewhat better.

When the townsfolk began asking questions and the minor freakout in the conversation in the hotel that followed.

Apologies if this got more and more rambly.

Edited to clarify (I was writing it at 12am) and remove a couple of details to protect a couple of people’s private plots.

Also the denial of a certain realisation, that was fun. And the posse I’d somehow managed to become a part of at the end.


I had so much fun playing the Emerald addicted slave. Thanks to everyone for letting me bug them for some Emmy throughout the game. And Brynn for being such a good slave driver. The other slaves were great to play with, with the pre-game walk to get in character, bringing a good cohesiveness to our little cohort. And the guards who reacted to us in such an appropriate manner about the giving and taking of apples and Emerald etc.

Pre-game I was concerned about how effective my start of the game as a slave was going to be, and trying to keep it secret from Jarrat and Nikki, so I am absolutely stoked that it worked out so well. Nikki may call me evil, but I call it the equaliser for the timing of Bartimeaus first appearance in Teonn. 8)

Big thanks for Jarrat for making the Emerald Seers Prayer Books, and for the other people I talked to about the angels, and letting me pray for them. I hadn’t thought this character would be a missionary, but was surprised about how few people knew about them, that I couldn’t help but explain them. Really liked meeting people that way, even if I didn’t learn your name.

Loved making the connection between June and Christa’s book on the computer, running and skidding across the wooden floor to communicate between the two groups. Nice to find I’m not alone in my ‘craziness’.

Thanks to Hannah for playing Val so sweetly to look our for Nova, and showing her how to hide behind chairs and beneath tables whenever the gunfighting broke out. I’ll forgive you for narking on her about the Emerald. Realised I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the floor during the game, but it seemed entirely appropriate.

The only damage I got during the game was from Sam when she slapped me for asking a question that Fox thought was inappropriate, and which Nova fell of her chair. I think there is a big bruise developing on my hip bone, so I will remember it for a few days more. It was a great way to find out the real relationship between Fox and Hawk, as opposed to the one Nova had jumped to conclusions about.

And Nikki, I’m sorry for messing with our pre-planned character connections. Actually I’m not, but do regret not having the impetus to chat more during the game.

Luckily its a campaign and I get to develop this character and her new friends next time. So looking forward to it, even after finding out the next game clashes with another event, it will trump it, and I will be there.


Really sorry about that. Fox was a little more psychotic in game that I thought she would be.


Realised you can’t see the big grin on my face this morning as I can’t help thinking about the game. :slight_smile:
I wasn’t blaming you, especially since I brought it on myself reacting so extremely. But, it just made sense since Fox has militia skills and Nova has nothing.

Its always interesting finding out how the character you created and thought you knew ends up reacting in new situations. From the sounds of it seems like Fox was a a little psychotic more than once during the game. :wink:


Realised you can’t see the big grin on my face this morning as I can’t help thinking about the game. :slight_smile:
I wasn’t blaming you, especially since I brought it on myself reacting so extremely. But, it just made sense since Fox has militia skills and Nova has nothing.

Its always interesting finding out how the character you created and thought you knew ends up reacting in new situations. From the sounds of it seems like Fox was a a little psychotic more than once during the game. :wink:[/quote]

Understatement on that one I think Hannah.


Fox seemed pretty reasonable to me, when we were alone in the militia prison together


I had a fantastic time on Saturday night, lots of highlights. Patrick, Mel, Nasia- I loved our family dynamic right from the start- Maybelle and Ellie taking care of me, checking on me, and then having my big brother turn up as a slave- going over to see him in the slave pen and the look on his face when June opened her mouth and started talking- the confusion, the sense that he could tell there was something wrong with her but couldn’t tell what. And then later after June had passed out hearing him rush over to her and say “Junie, Junie come back to me”. I just loved the protectiveness I felt all around me, up to and including terminating psychotic arc scientists with extreme nerf prejudice (bullet in the brainpan, squish!). Really looking forward to seeing how the relationship between the three siblings develops.

Freaking the hell out at the sight of something plot-critical I’m not going to say, and having Bex as Beryl and Mel as Maybelle react immediately and get June away from people. And then creeping other people out at Sophie’s instigation. Also, thanks Mel for the hammerhead to create realistic forge sound effects, really added to the atmosphere. And Bex I thoroughly enjoyed blacksmithing with you!

Song lyrics! It was a challenge, but I definitely felt the frustration of not being understood properly by people- from Bex suddenly working out why I kept pointing at the Arcies and saying ‘the animals went in two by two, hurrah!’, to Frank as Axel realising straight off that I was talking in ‘poems’ and giving the next lines to the ones I was saying, and Nasia’s very resigned reaction to my excited “Puff the Magic Dragon!” when Drake showed up was brilliant. I was proud of finding lines that would encapsulate some of what June was trying to say, but most of all I’m proud of the fact I resisted the temptation to Rickroll anyone. THIS time, anyway…

I loved you bouncing over to us in the hotel room and announcing “You’re in the book!”.

As soon as I saw Nova, June felt really protective of her and wanted to take care of her- we crazies have to stick together! I particularly enjoyed when Nova was upset in the medicine tent coming over to Muppet’s character and trying to ask if she would like some of my tranquilisers.
Muppet: "What is it?"
Me: "Comfortably numb."
Muppet: "OK…well, what does it do?"
Me: "Comfortably numb!"
Mel ambles over: “She’s asking if you’d like some of her sedative.”

Sadly I missed the raider battle (but one of these days I’ll get to go for someone with the LARP-safe hammer…), as I’d just been put in Cara’s room, given a machine gun, and told to stay there (having had an episode over the arc scientist showing up). I heard the battle, and thought about going outside but realised June would be far, far too frightened to do that. Jackie, if you were wondering where your gun went for a while…yeah. It was with the jumpy insane girl. A plan with no drawbacks!

I did, however, get clipped on the neck by a nerf bullet after running over to help my brother pull Fox and Sosa into the med bay- I think I may even have been shouted at by Maybelle for leaving cover, but I wanted to help.

Thanks to everyone I had interactions with, to the crew (you guys worked so hard!), and to Sophie and her deputies for putting together such a great game. Can’t wait for the next session.


I tried telling people Sosa was the nice one, but no one would listen :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course you were probably sitting in the sticky pool of blood from and executed prisoner. Just saying.


So many favourite moments of Saturday night.

I enjoyed getting into costume, donning the FSM hat (big thanks Rachael for making them), seeing so many awesome costumes and set dressing was amazing. The bar was so cool, and I got to see it up close and personal too :wink:

Loved the partners in crime character with Sosa. The ‘what, now?’ look he gave her across the room when that shot was fired. The many conversations and the obvious avoiding of conversations that went on between them. Always looking out for one another, the teasing and general comradely between them, and that very unFox like moment at the end of the session. Really looking forward to see what happens between these two characters. Thanks Scott loving what we’ve come up with.

Jarratt, the back story of Hawk and Fox is pretty tragic, and the awkwardness between them is very appropriate. I loved the moment when I asked you ‘am I what you expected’ and you sort of went quiet. So much was said in that silence. Awesome! Watch this space I say.

The many moments between X and Fox. Man Jackie you’re slipperier than a snake :confused: I loved also that you prewarned her of your intentions with Drake, I can’t remember exactly what you said, but I enjoyed the show.

Also seeing Courtney’s face as Fox advanced towards her, I did notice you moved your gun out of my reach before I got there. Such an interesting relationship that one. Going to be fun to see where that one leads.

The reunion between Eric and Fox. You weren’t privy to the banter before hand Nick between Fox and Sosa, but your reaction was perfect. Definitely put her on the back foot.

And Frank, Silva was pretty easy on his wayward granddaughter. I was sure I’d be stripped of my weapons and thrown into the brig many times during the evening. Maybe next time I should push you harder eh?

Also the interactions between other characters and NPCs I had. The time in the brig with Drake and Hawk, the many discussions with Doc, ‘introducing’ herself to Nova and then apologizing only because Hawk was there. The final moments with Patrick’s character (I never did get his name), and laughing hystically when asked if she was okay while she and Sosa were lying grieveously wounded in the med tent.

Finally watching the video of Rachael. Man cue all the emotions!

So so many awesome moments, that my brain has sort of scrambled them all into one big mess of awesome.


[quote=“Samw”]So many favourite moments of Saturday night.

Also the interactions between other characters and NPCs I had.


Have to say, I don’t think Tic actually got anybody’s name (except Maybelle and Moira), but she definitely noticed Fox a lot as “that chick with the crazy grin”. When Fox was lying in the infirmary at the end of the evening, Tic definitely thought she deserved some candy :slight_smile:


I don’t think you were yelling loud enough over the gun fire