Via Facebook, Dunedin is getting another larp campaign:

Fate/Clocktower is a new LARP set in Victorian London in 1878. The players are Magus of the influential families of Clocktower, a secret organisation of magic from the Type Moon universe. The game will run approximately monthly in a house on Stafford Street and is a low-combat, high stakes negotiation setting focusing on competition for power and influence. The most important, powerful or ruling bloodlines of magic will gather in the Clocktower to scheme and struggle for power between each other. The Director of Clocktower has welcomed all to gather and avoid the danger of open warfare. This has prevented the disastrous conflicts of the past and could usher in a new world of magical co-operation against the enemies of Clocktower… or merely a world in which the cunning can rise above their betters.

This is a game I’ve been planning for a while to run with Amber and discussing with Matt, Dunedin Larp and other people. I hope to initially run it for 4 sessions, spanning the entire year of 1878 and then seeing how we go from there! Hopefully this will also be a useful thread for people intending to make Families together though I’ll probably make a Facebook group once I see who is interested as well.

The Details:
The Intro Game: http://buyer-victor-23463.bitballoon.com/
The website : http://fateclocktower.blogspot.co.nz/
The location and route: https://www.google.co.nz/maps/dir/-45.8674228,170.5127881/-45.882005,170.4923392/@-45.8823906,170.4919238,18.5z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e3
The dates:
Meeting for character creation/socialising - 30th April, in the evening after CONtinued: Famine.
Deadline for characters - 7th May (Characters made after this can still turn up, but will not have full backgrounds)
First Session: 21st May, 1pm-5pm with future sessions on Sundays monthly.

Just a heads up, this is totally running! The website has also been improved. We’ve had two sessions so far and the next two are:

23rd July
20th August

As long as your character is made a week before the session we should be able to weave in the backstory!

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