Family Friendly Game

Hi all,
Its a little short notice but I’m keen to run a family friendly larp event on Sunday 4th April.
The format is largely down to numbers but would consist of several battle games culminating in a final battle scene.
The games would consist of a series of loosely linked scenarios (in teams) such as a hunt for items, a classic take and hold, a bridge fight, a capture the flag, zombie outbreak, and of course a final battle.

Rules would be quick and simple to cater for a range of ages such as:


Warrior Gets +1HP

Sneak - Hide - cannot be seen by enemies as long as one hand on head, the other touching a object (tree, bush, rubbish bin) and not moving.

Wizard/Witch - Fireball (2 damage - large red or orange spell packet)

Healer - Carries a magic potion which heals all damage (ala Lion Witch and Wardrobe)

Adults start with 3HP, Kids 4HP.

1 damage per hit (no head, neck or groin hits)

At 0HP lie on ground unable to move. Otherwise wake up on 1 HP after fight is over if not healed beforehand


Location: Hamilton Gardens or Resthills Park in Hamilton

Cost: $5 per head towards Hamilton’s Armoury and refreshments

Time: 1pm til 4pm, Sunday 4th April

Other requirements: Weaponry/shields/tabards from nzlarps

We only need a relatively small number to make this work, its just for the fun of it, its for all the youngsters who have shown interest in what other larpers do but are not catered for. I will make a decision whether this will go ahead after Multiverse based on interest.

This idea has gone down in a ball of flames. Too short notice it seems.

Despite this, we will be meeting at 3pm, at Resthills Park, off Macmurdo Ave in Hamilton.

No charge for this.