Fallout temporarily suspended as an NZLARPS project

On June 21 the NZLARPS national committee voted to suspend Fallout: Dead Zealand as a project and freeze all NZLARPS assistance to it. The suspension means that Fallout games will not receive financial assistance and will not be permitted to use NZLARPS gear.

The action was taken in response to a failure by the project’s treasurer to bank cash collected at the May 14 weekend game despite repeated requests and promises to do so.

Following the suspension the project treasurer clarified the amount of cash collected and stated she banked it on June 24. It has not yet arrived in NZLARPS’ bank account, and the national treasurer is working with her to resolve the situation. We expect the Hamilton committee to discuss the matter at their next meeting.

The NZLARPS national committee would like to stress that we have no evidence of dishonesty. We hope to resolve this matter quickly so Fallout can be restored as a project.

2016-2 (21 June 2016): That Fallout: Dead Zealand be suspended as a project and all NZLARPS assistance for it frozen until all money is accounted for.
4 in favour (Malcolm, Naomi, Cameron, James)


  • How much money is unaccounted for? $246. The committee originally believed it to be much higher based on the public paid lists for Fallout, but many of those registered did not attend.
  • What has happened to the money? We don’t know. At this stage we are working on the assumption that it may have been banked into the wrong account. The national treasurer is trying to find out.
  • What does this mean for the Fallout campaign? Hopefully nothing. No games are planned in the near future, and we want to have this resolved quickly so as to avoid disruption.

An update on this issue is here