Fallout reinstated as an NZLARPS Project

On 3 November the NZLARPS National Committee voted to reinstate Fallout as a project and remove previous restrictions on assisting it.

Fallout was suspended as a project on June 21 after concerns arose about the handling of cash at a previous game. NZLARPS’ constitution requires projects to bank revenue forthwith. Following an investigation by the national committee it was established that the cash was never banked by the then project treasurer. After discussion with the Hamilton committee all outstanding cash has now been repaid, the individual responsible has stepped down from the Hamilton committee and it was agreed that they will no longer be involved in Fallout’s finances. Fallout will also be moving to eliminate on-the-day payments to reduce future risk.

The national committee is satisfied with this outcome. All NZLARPS funds are now accounted for and measures are in place to minimise risks in future. As a result we will not be taking disciplinary action.

NZLARPS understands that Fallout is planning a game early next year, and looks forward to assisting with it.

2016-8 (3 November 2016): That Fallout: Dead Zealand be reinstated as an NZLARPS Project
3 in favour (Brad, James, Muppet), 1 abstention (Naomi), 1 recusal (Malcolm)


  • How much money was unaccounted for: $246. This money has now been repaid.
  • What had happened to the money: The then project treasurer thought they had banked it. Attempts to verify this and trace the deposit established that it had not in fact been banked.
  • Why was this a problem? Project revenue belongs to the Society, and must be treated as such. This means that all cash collected by a project must be banked within a reasonable timeframe shortly after the event. As a non-profit society NZLARPS must ensure that its funds are properly accounted for, and cannot permit assets which belong to our members being diffused, misappropriated, or otherwise unavailable to benefit our members.