Fallout LARP in Hamilton

So, we’re looking at running a big larp (similar to Teonn/Crucible) in Hamilton based on the Fallout Universe… so post apocalyptic. We’d be running it in a variety of locations and we’ll probably run some day games up in Auckland as well.

The main idea so far is that it is 200 or so years after a nuclear war, but NZ was not nuked directly… The west coast however has been irradiated due to the fallout dust being blown across from Australia. The North of the North island (to Huntly) is held by a facist military regime, the centre by a collaboration of larpers and re-enactors and the South of the North Island is held by the remnants of the NZ government and military. No one knows what has happened to the South Island - no one has returned from it since the war. There are also raiders which wander New Zealand which may be either hostile or friendly.

Although there are factions available, most players would start out unaligned (though if you did want to start with allegience to one faction, then it will be at your own risk :slight_smile: ) and games would revolve around survival in the ‘new New Zealand’ as well as investigating new areas which are being discovered and potentially being hired for specific missions. Through gameplay, like in Fallout, players may become more alligned with one or more factions and this will have in game consequences (both good and bad).

While this game will cater to both new and experienced larpers, it is expected to be a dark and gritty game.

Thoughts on the game, interest etc. appriciated.

Sounds awesome!

Sounds very interesting, though Fallout is VERY much focussed on the U.S. and tells very little about the rest of the world.
So the question is: What was New Zealand like in the 2070s?

Or by based on, do you mean you will be quite distant from the lore of Fallout?

Furthermore, you say it will be a dark and gritty game, which is understandable, but will there also be quirky and funny and/or outrageous things in there, as most of us know from fallout?

Excellent – can we play mutant animals?

Or sentient Robots =D.

For those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook, here’s a copy of the Alpha rules for you to have a look. Setting information should be along in a few days. Feel free to post questions and queries. We’ll be happy to answer them.

Oye Joe - you’re slow on the uptake. Setting was released on Wednesday night.

To answer some of the questions, the setting should cover what NZ was like pretty well, and yes there will be all the quirky humour. and probably too many puns. Joseph Outram is the head GM after all.