"Factory Reset" and a neat casting trick

Factory Reset is a theatre-style larp available over DriveThruRPG:

I’ve acquired it and taken a quick look through. Basicly you’re all robots waiting to have your memory wiped. There’s a soundtrack, which will page the characters. When your designation is called, you leave the room for ~5 minutes (until the next robot is called to be wiped), then return with no memory of your past self. Very explicitly, resistance is not an option. The soundtrack is 90 minutes, so once you get past all the intro crap its probably about a 2 hour game all up (so suitable for a Sunday slot at Hydra).

There’s an interesting system for character assignment. Characters are rated on a two-axis system: whether robots are things or people, and whether oppression should be resisted peacefully or with violence. We’d do this with a quiz, maybe asking additional questions about redlines. This game is designed to be cast on the day, so it does it physically, with the players asked to line up on one axis, then shuffle up and down the room for the other. Which is a nifty trick for on-the-day games, and worth stealing if you write them.

I’m not sure how it will play in practice, but if anyone wants to run it at Hydra, Cerberus or Phoenix, I can provide the files.

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