Event bookings

How much value would there be in the NZLARPS database being able to store events in a database, which the campaign owner could add/update online (the events would show up on the mini-calendar automatically), players and crew could register their interest and register to attend, and payments could be kept track of in the system? It would be tied into the existing membership database.

When I organising Mordavia this would have been very useful. Do organisers of current events think it would help them? It’s a fair amount of programming, but happy to look at it next if it’s of value.

I think this would be very useful.

That would be neat.

Okay, I’ll start looking at it. I already did much of the database design work in this thread, so that will be useful for reference.

My thought is that we’ll move to maintaining the project and affiliate data through the database at the same time. I need this stuff in the database so that events can be associated with the relevant campaign. Right now it’s stored in php files.

Each project or affiliate will have database users who are the “owners”, who can edit the information about it, and that info is what will appear on the homepage, project page, and affiliate page. Should all of the committee also be able to edit this data, or just myself and Craig as developers of the site?

The owners of a “campaign” will be able to add events to it, set prices for different types of event registration, see who has registered for the event, that sort of thing.

God, this sounds involved. I think I may have to actually plan the interface out rather than just start developing. :wink:

I’ve started some work on this, and the first step is now live.

The events in the mini-calendar are now data-driven. Log into the database and you’ll be able to add, edit, and delete events. Only administrators can do this for now (i.e. just the committee).


Log in and click “View list of events” on the right.

Most of the data being stored about events is for later use when I expand the calendar further.

The database is not accessible just now. Am in the middle of some work on it.

The database is working again, and I’ve finished the next addition to it.

Committee members can now add, edit, and delete projects and affiliates. Log in and click “Groups” on the right side.

Changes will immediately be reflected on the homepage, the projects page, and the affiliates page of the website. I recommend not deleting items unless they are mistakes. If an item is no longer a project or affiliate of the society, just set the “state” to “Removed” and it will no longer appear anywhere on the website. This way the database keeps a record of old affiliates and projects.

Note that aside from “Project” and “Event” types, you can also set a group to “Not affiliated”. These groups will not appear on the website at present, but they may be useful later when I put event booking in place. Assuming we want to allow non-affiliated groups to use our booking system, that is.

So now the committee can keep the projects and affiliates up to date, without me having to do coding. I’m sure there are projects that haven’t been entered yet, like Teonn, so go right ahead.

Enjoy. :wink:

I can’t see that from My Log in ryan. Have you just missed me? or is it a bug?

For some reason you weren’t set up as an admin. I’ve set you as one now (all committee members should be admins), so you should now be able to see the list of users, the list of groups, and the list of events. You should be able to add and edit groups and events, and to update user’s NZLARPS membership status (some of which I think need updating).

EDIT: I’ve checked all the committee members, and made Adam, Phillip, and Cameron admins as well. Dunno why this didn’t happen after the AGM, I thought it had. I tried to make Jackie an admin too, but can’t see a user for her.

It would be good if committee members could update the database with any projects or affiliates that might be missing.

I gather that Teonn is a project or affiliate, but can’t find the committee meeting minutes where that happened to figure out which. Someone should add it.

The minutes mention a Zombie LARP that was made a project, but I can’t find the person who was running it (Michael Andrews?) in the membership database. My understanding was that only NZLARPS members can run projects, so I’m guessing that he needs to be added to the database.

I haven’t added any projects that have been and gone but weren’t previously on the website, like One Night in Heaven, but someone could do so if we want a more complete record of past projects on the Projects page.