Ensemble Cast Mystery

I just acquired this from the Peaky Midwest crew:

Its basicly an engine (well, an idea) for doing mystery larps as mini-horde games, in which the ensemble (who know all the answers) help guide the investigators (who don’t) to produce a satisfying story. There’s an example game - Death at Bancroft Manor, a classic Christie-style 20’s “big house” mystery, with a second one (They Who Play With Lightning, a Star Trek mystery ) available as a download.

This isn’t an instant pick-up game like Arsenic & Lies. The ensemble need to be well-briefed, and to work together to reveal clues and occasionally step in to guide scenes. Its also scene-based, with some narration (so the investigators can search an office etc), with the ensemble being the arbitrators of what is discovered and what happens. I have a strong preference for naturalistic games - scenes and narration belong in tabletop - but this doesn’t seem like a bad mixed format.