Embers IC: Duskwood recovers


Carys produces a bottle from the depths of her bag and pours some of its contents into a mug, which she raises, muttering something about bad cards.


“That seems to be all questions lately,” Seb says, shaking her head slightly. “What did you want to ask?”


A small attempt at a reassuring smile passed over her black lips as Weiss shifted, leaning forwards a little. “Don’t worry, this one isn’t about you. It’s about your God.” Pausing to scratch the back of her neck in something of an uncomfortable gesture the assassin sighed, peeking towards the shrine as she carried on.

“If I were to have a question for The Maker, do you know if they would answer even though I am not… A follower?” The words came out awkwardly, stinted in their speech, as though she were unwilling to fully ask the question.


The door opens and quickly closes as Lavanya comes in looking subdued. She give a small smile to those drinking and heads into the infirmary to start tidying up


Shiehk picks himself up from the table and bows, attempting not to fall over as he doea “I must bid you all good night, I am going to go pray at the Shrine of Laphoris” he walks slowly towards the exit of the tavern, pulling his hood over his head


“Vanhier wasn’t very keen on answering questions when he was just down the forest path. I’m unsure of your chances Weiss, but if you do find a way, count me in.”


Seb gave Weiss a thoughtful look. “As much as he would answer anyone, I suppose,” she says eventually. “In my–admittedly limited–experience, you don’t need to follow a god to talk with them. Savrinar, for example, was quite chatty the other night.”

She paused to finish her drink. “But then, even when he lived among us, Vanhier kept to himself by all accounts. From what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he had never actually died and just never bothered to leave his workshop to tell anyone.”


“And if he is in that crystal prison, as the others are, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were content to stay there. Imagine what he could do, free of the distractions of humanity!”

Aryana looks thoughtful for a moment

“Is there something in particular you want to talk to him about Weiss?”


Listening to both Seb and Aryana Weiss managed a huff, leaning back in her seat as she moved to grab the decently sized (and filled to the brim) mug she’d brought back with her.

“Carrimorne’s balls, all I want is an unbiased opinion. I just thought someone known as The Maker might be of help, though admittedly I haven’t been paying the most amount of attention to these godly discussions.” Shrugging her shoulders she buried her face in the mug, only pulling back with smudged lipstick a moment later. At Aryana’s question she shrugged, glancing down at the mug still.
“I just wanted to ask if I am whole.”


“Why would you think you aren’t?” Carys asks.


Lavanya looks up from the bed she is making “everyone is whole, just sometimes uncomfortable with their life”


At that, Carys snickers, then stops herself. “Ee, you’re maybe onto something. But why would The Maker be more suited to answering than, well, anyone?”


“It has been made clear to me that I am potentially… Not right, in the view of some. Whilst I am not ashamed of what it is I do, I would like to know that I make my choices with full grasp of my being.” Shifting in her seat the assassin cleared her throat, glancing around at both Carys and Lavanya.

“I just assumed, being the Maker of things they would know if something was missing from a person. I’d like to know if I’m, as someone has called me, ‘broken’ or not.”


“That is a very interesting question. I’d be interested in knowing whether the maker thinks any of us are whole. Or if any of his creations are. The god who created the Hollow One might operate with different definitions than we would.”

Concern crosses Aryana’s face for a moment, and then is obviously stifled. She downs her glass and starts to pour another


“If you feel like something is missing you dont need to look to the gods. Ask your self why you dont feel whole and work towards fixing it” Lavanya looks down snd takes a deep breath. “Its not easy but we are in charge of our own actons, and only we can change them. We can look for help from others but only you can change yourself”


“I don’t feel like something is missing. But you cannot see the forest from within the trees, or however, the stupid saying goes.” Waving a hand Weiss frowned, fingers gripping her mug in uncertain irritation. “I am not a good judge of character, I thought that much would be clear.”


“If you dont feel like anything is missing then you do feel whole? Is it because otthers are saying it? Taking some time to think about it and discuss it with yourself or a god may be a good solution”


"I don’t think you’re broken, Weiss, or that anything is missing. They wanted something from you other than what you consider to be what you are for. "

Aryana catches herself, then decides to say more

"Many of us are a little broken. Covered in fracture marks & scars. Memories we avoid, and people we’d rather not be. I don’t believe we do change alone. I guess its a bit like stitching up our own wounds - its possible, but its a lot easier when others are there to help. "


Lavanya nods, Looks down and continues making the beds


“I am comfortable with what I am and what I do.”

The words were said with a certain amount of self-affirmation and confidence, even as she bit her lip. Glancing down at her mug she peeked up again at Aryana’s words, nodding slow.

“Well, it’s best to check at the very least. I should go ask someone, a God preferably, lest they know better than I.” Speaking with slightly forced cheerfulness Weiss downed her drink, moving to stand with a small sway. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get busy with a job soon enough, and can forget about all this nonsense.”