Embers IC: Duskwood recovers

(This is a placeholder for online RP. Aryana will be here once Naomi is done at work :slight_smile: )

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Shiehk Sulieman sat down in the tavern, drink in hand. His memory drifting back to the battle that had just commenced, and the energy readings he felt from Seb.
“What powerful energy, so bright…” his voice drifted as he took a sip, pondering the events that had happened during the day

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Weiss stared blankly at the sky, view concentrated at the stars as words slipped from quietly beneath her breath. The cold air bit despite the still lingering sun, and as locals moved past to join the uncertain but still thankfully alive collection within the tavern she considered them.
At least no one had died from the encounter, least of all…

Shaking off the thought she shifted again, moving to set her daggers on the deck beside her. It seemed unlikely that tonight would bring any more trouble.

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The weather outside turns from bad to worse, as the rain starts bucketing down. Not long later Aryana walks briskly into the Town hall, her hood up, with a look of extreme focus on her face. She opens a bottle of whiskey, sits down at the table, and pulls out her notebook. Today had been a long day, and it was time to write some of it down. She pours herself a whiskey, and looks around.

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Shiehk looks up as Aryana walks in and sits down, his mind elsewhere. It takes him a moment to realise he had been staring at her this whole time, and quickly glances away, looking out the window at the rain. Thoughts raced through his head, but always seemed to come back to one particular one.
“How do we help Seb? How long can she last in her current state?” he whispered to himself, raising the mug to his lips as he took a sip.

The door opened shortly after Aryana let it shut behind her, with a slightly annoyed looking Weiss in the doorway. It had only been drizzling before, what was with the sudden bucketing rain? Hands flicked water from her blades as she held both in one hand, huffing as she headed for the nearest source of food and alcohol.
“Mind if I join you?” The seat across from Aryana was pulled back and sat in even as Weiss spoke, her free hand going to pull down her hood.

“Not at all.” Aryana looks up from her book. “Would you like some Whiskey? Its horribly cold tonight, and you look like you might need something to warm you up.”

“I’m both shocked and offended you thought you needed to ask.” Speaking without a hint of either emotion in her tone Weiss leaned over, moving to grab the closest, cleanest cup before pressing it towards the scholar, her eyes flicking from face to book.
“Am I interrupting anything? I can be silent if you have ciphers to… Uncipher.”

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“How about you start by not whispering about her while she’s right here,” Seb said as she stood up from where she had been kneeling before the Maker’s shrine. “The next person that asks how I’m feeling is going to get dunked in the pond.”

Seb slumped into a seat near Weiss and Aryana. “Mind if I have a dram? Mine is outside,” she waves at the windows, “and I left my coat at home.”

“No, not at all. We still don’t know what the words of the dragon could be, but I have a feeling we’ll find out at some point.” Aryana takes a drink of her whiskey, and closes the book

Aryana fill’s Seb’s vessel

“Well lets hope this rain settles before we have to head home for the night. Otherwise, I call dibs on that bed” Aryana points to the bed at the back of the infirmary. The one that isn’t covered in used banadages

Shiehk looks up as Seb speaks.
“My apologies, my mind was as well, I didn’t notice you were here.” he looks down at his mug and ponders for a bit.

“It’s Aryana’s, but if she’s already sharing with me.” Trailing off as she moved to pour both herself a drink Weiss paused, an eyebrow raised in confusion as she let the bottle be taken back off of her.
“Well, if it’s like any other night the barn will be just as warm as it always is. At least it’s not snowing.” Another pause. “Does it even snow in Duskwood?”

Aryana looks sideways at Shiehk

"There is a plan to help Seb. Its not the right time yet, but I’m sure Seb will tell us when she’s ready. "

“It’s the original plan… just… somewhat delayed by circumstance.”

Aryana grins

“Plan B is to make a shrine to Seb, and call it a day”

“You mean the gauntlet?” Shiehk stands up and joins the group at their table,placing his mug in front of him
"I do hope the plan works, I’d be interested to know the results, and how the welder of the gauntlet feels when using it."

“If anyone makes a shrine to me,” Seb says with an almost-perfectly straight face, “I will go and put myself in Evinar’s box and never come back out.”

Seb took a small sip of the whiskey, and eyes Shiehk appraisingly. "I’m more concerned with how the subject of the ritual will feel myself, " she says with a small grin before her expression becomes grim. “I’m worried the Vessel won’t be enough, to be honest. We don’t know what kind of power it’s capable of holding, and there are just so many questions that need answering before actually doing this.”

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“Then we only transfer some of the power to the vessel.” Sheikh grins and pulls out his notebook from his back
"I theorize that we can return to the Prince, and to Evinar, the power that was taken, and store the sorcerer’s power in the vessel, returning you to normal." he smiles at Seb before writing down a few notes

The door swings open and Carys enters the building, looking rather damp and windswept from the growing storm outside. She walks to the table and jabs Weiss in the shoulder.

“Move over, Chaross, yo sitting wa. Oh- Hi Seb. How is…” she waves her hand vaguely, indicating ‘everything.’

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Seb raises her eyebrow. “That’s a lot of assumptions you’re making there,” she says to Shiekh. “But we can discuss that later.”

She waves a hand back at Carys. “A mess, but at least I’m not bouncing off the walls anymore. I was seriously worried I was going to have start digging a new irrigation system for the village just to keep busy. How are you?”

Aryana spills the salt and starts drawing on the table, pushing the salt into little symbols

She stares at it for a moment, distracted by the idea that the target could be split

When she hears Seb’s comment, she laughs and looks up

“How about digging some holes for some more deeply rooted fenceposts?”