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Seven years ago, 14-year-old Morgan Fox went missing from the backyard of the Fox family home. The disappearance nearly destroyed the Fox family, who were all deeply affected in different ways by Morgan’s loss. Now Morgan has mysteriously reappeared, fully-grown and with an unbelievable story to tell about where they’ve been…

Elsewhere explores what happens to a family in crisis after that crisis has ended. It is a short freeform larp about family ties, grief, trust, and the weight of generational pain. It’s designed for 3 to 7 characters including a player-faciliator. It lasts approximately 4 hours including a 30 minute pre and post-game workshop, and a 10 minute self-directed Epilogue. Character sheets for each member of the Fox family are provided, along with story-driven motivations and descriptions of relationships to other family members.