Drachenfest 2018 (Germany)


Sooo… Looks like I’m actually going to this. The website is hideously out of date (this is common) so here are the actual dates for 2018: Tuesday 24 July - Sunday 29 July. Tuesday is just for setting up, though, so I’ll go from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th only because I’ll have minimal luggage. (I’ll be in Europe before then, and stay for another while afterwards.)

Anyone else crazy enough to join this? I’ve been once before in about 2011 or so, so feel free to ask questions.

Here are some links if you’d like to have a nose around.

Official website (out of date but the content of the menu down the side doesn’t really change): english version
Official forum (mostly in German but with some English sections): http://drachenfest.info/forum

There’s also a Facebook page if you’d like to follow the link near the top left on the official website. I’m not on Facebook so it doesn’t let me see what’s on there.

The largest English-speaking mob seems to be in the Gold camp but I remember Red having some fairly visible Italian and Spanish player groups as well. As international players, they’d be relying on English to communicate with the rest of their camp. I myself am most likely to end up in either Grey or Silver because it looks like some of my friends from Germany might be in those two.

Predictably, Chaos and - I think - the orcs don’t admit any players that are under 18. The website has more general information about the camps and you should be able to find some more on the forum as well.

Or, like I said, just ask me. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Walter and I went in 2012 and it was such a great experience.
We were part of the Grand Expedition (and english speaking group, primarily form the UK, but others from all over) in the Gold camp. Its such a one in a lifetime experience.

My main tip would be get involved in the town stuff, because I heard great stuff (I only tangentially got involved in things), and also don’t be too afraid of dying, because I’ve also heard great things about going through the Limbus. If I went again I would be a combatant, but I also had a great time being a healer (the gold camp has an awesome healers tent set up).


Heh. Yes, I think I’ll go as a barber-surgeon/sheep vet type because it doesn’t involve weaponry or heavy armour. Or as a scholar. The less luggage the better, at least for me…

You bring up a few important points, too:

The Grand Expedition doesn’t exist anymore. The guy that used to run it (Rick) still goes to the event, but primarily to run his stall in the trader’s area. There’s still a strong international presence in the Gold camp, though, because someone essentially picked things up where he left them under a different name. I don’t know the people involved but I’m pretty sure they’ve got a semi-active thread in the English Corner on the official forum.

For those of you that are having a look at the website, you’ll see that the event is mostly PvP because it’s a contest between the camps. So it’s important to realise that death during this contest isn’t permanent. Instead, you go to a sort of twilight dimension/dungeon-like thing called the Limbus. You’ll have to traverse that (think the Minotaur’s labyrinth but for ghosts) and find the exit in order to come back to life and re-join play in your camp. I’ve not been in there myself but I’ve also heard that it’s a pretty awesome experience.

Because of some events in a related campaign, it is now also possible to come back with the help of a so-called Twilight Guardian. These are NPCs with a very specific role and outfit that you can talk to IC after you die. I don’t know exactly how that works either but it’s likely that they’ll give you some task to complete before they let you back into the land of the living.

The city is a neutral zone, i.e. no combat unless you’re in the arena. All of the OOC traders are there, as are the IC guilds, some taverns and inns, at least one casino and some shadier organisations that need to be found IC if you play that sort of character. The guilds are a good starting point for anyone playing an academic of any sort, e.g. an alchemist, a scholar or a mage. There are also some religious orders and at least one temple related to the dragons. Those are staffed by NPCs but your character is obviously welcome to go there for spiritual guidance if they worship one of the dragons directly.

Each camp has some institutions of its own as well, quite often a library, some sort of field hospital (organised by the players themselves), a military council (also elected in-game) and the like.