Double Feature! Sunset in the Silver City & Alpha Alpha Asgard

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Sunset in the Silver City

The Throne of God sits empty.

The horns have sounded, the seals have been broken and the four horsemen have ridden across the sky. A lone figure walks towards the Gates of Heaven. Any who try to stop him fall in flames. As he reaches the gates, they crumble, and Lucifer once again enters heaven.

An apocalyptic game of Celestial Politics for 17 players, inspired by the works of Mike Carey, Neil Gaiman and John Milton.

Alpha Alpha Asgard

It’s the first party of the new year. Carousing, roughhousing, and mead by the bucketload. Odin wants to remain Alpha, but Thor has other plans. Loki is up to something, Idunn’s selling ‘Apples’, there’s a mysterious gatecrasher, and Baldr just wants to study.

Welcome to Alpha Alpha Asgard.

A drunken, irreverent party for 21 players, inspired by Norse mythology and College Comedy.

Event Details

After several fully-booked runs over the last few years, myself and Dave are pleased to announce one final run of our games, Sunset in the Silver City and Alpha Alpha Asgard, as a double-feature on August 27th at the Grey Lynn Library Hall. This will be the final time we run these games before we publish them at the end of the year. If you’ve missed out on either of these games before, this may just be your last chance!

The cost for each game will be $20, or $30 if you’re attending both. Registration will open closer to the time.

Event details can also be found on Facebook.

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Registration has opened! Best get in quick :slight_smile:

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