Double Feature: Stolen Crown / Angels in the Fog

When: Saturday 17 July, 2:00pm - 10:15pm
Where: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone, WELLINGTON
Registration: See below
Cost: $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers per game

Two games, one day:

In the afternoon, from roughly 2pm - 5pm (depending on how long it takes), we have Stolen Crown. In the evening, from 7:15pm - 10:15pm, we have Angels in the Fog. Blurbs below:

Stolen Crown (GM: Idiot)

From Ireland thus comes York to claim his right,
And pluck the crown from feeble Henry’s head:
Ring, bells, aloud; burn, bonfires, clear and bright,
To entertain great England’s lawful king.
— Henry VI, part 2, Act 5, Scene 1

Seven years ago King Alder of Innis died in battle against the neighbouring Valois, leaving his young child Ash on the throne, with their uncle Rowan as regent. Five years ago Rowan usurped the throne and proclaimed himself king. Ash, their sibling Thorn, and a few loyal followers fled across the Narrows to exile in the Kingdom of Valderrijk. Now Ash has returned with an army to claim their crown, and has summoned representatives of the nobility and other powerful factions to appeal for support. But power has a price, and nothing comes for free…

Stolen Crown is a larp of politics and the price of power for 9 players set in a fantasy medieval kingdom and inspired by the Wars of the Roses, Game of Thrones, and Rebel Crown. Five of the players will represent the leaders of important factions in the Kingdom of Innis, three will play Ash’s advisers, and one will play Ash themself. Together they will decide the fate of the Kingdom. The game is expected to last for approximately 2-3 hours. All characters are gender neutral. To register, fill out the form here.

Angels in the Fog (GM: Russ Kale)

Fog City, as it’s known to the locals, either loves you or grinds you to dust. In your case, it does both on alternating days. A city of failed writers, corrupt officials with broken social lives, amnesiac starlets, private eyes with shallow pockets, and businessmen with bank vaults where their hearts should be, and at the heart of the city, and your life, lies Pier Seventeen. Pier Seventeen is a place to drink, to escape from it all, to rub shoulders, to rub out enemies, and to rub away memories. In Pier Seventeen’s penthouse lives the ‘designer’ of Fog City, Levi Montgomery. This man is responsible for the systems that surround you, the picture houses and the utilities and the holograms. Slowly but surely, that man has stripped away the emotion, love and tactility from everyone in Fog City. Nobody reads or prays, or whispers secrets to another heart under the bedsheets. You’ve often wished someone would get rid of him. And now someone has. Drawn to Pier Seventeen late tonight, you’ve fallen into a web of deception and murder. Someone did this to Levi Montgomery. Maybe it was you: after all, everyone here has secrets. More importantly, everyone in Fog City is the star of their own story. Now if only you could remember how your story started, or where you were half an hour ago…

Angels in the Fog is an SF-noir murder-mystery for 18 players, set in a futuristic megalopolis. While part of the game is focused on finding the culprit, every character is written with a major plot of their own. The game is expected to last for approximately 3 hours. To register, fill out the form here.

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Currently we’ve filled five spaces in Stolen Crown, and spaces in Angels in the Fog are filling quickly. On my end, I plan to cast when the game fills, which should be the usual month beforehand.


One space left in Stolen Crown. There were a handful in Angels in the Fog on Saturday, and some will have filled since then.

Character sheets for Stolen Crown have been emailed out.