Double Feature: Pretty Little Cultists/The Last Day of Pompeii

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When: Saturday, 14 July, 2018. 1pm setup, Pretty Little Cultists will run from 2-5pm, then The Last Day of Pompeii will run from 7-9.30pm.
Where: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone.
How much: $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members

Pretty Little Cultists (13 players)
Welcome to Rosevale, a small town somewhere in the US where money and status are literally life and death. Well, afterlife, anyway. In Rosevale, the eldritch entity behind the town’s prosperity controls the afterlives of its citizens, and the more wealth and especially social status you accumulate in life, the nicer your afterlife will be. Turns out in Rosevale, you can take it with you.
Naturally, this has turned almost everyone who lives in Rosevale into stuck-up, elitist, status-obsessed suburban nightmares. The town is a seething pit of dysfunction, manipulation and terrible, terrible people… and that’s without even getting into the human sacrifices.
Come explore the dark side of suburbia, where the thousand-tentacled eldritch abomination isn’t nearly as nasty as the soccer moms.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Substance use/abuse, human sacrifice

The Last Day of Pompeii (9 players)
Pompeii, 2025. The volcano is about to explode, and nine strangers have come here to die.
Pompeii has been evacuated. The city is empty. In these last hours before the eruption, the last nine living souls in Pompeii have gathered to tell their stories, to each other and to Death. Nine emotionally broken people have come together, to find understanding, to justify their choices, or just to make peace with their deaths.
The Last Day of Pompeii is a storytelling game about confronting mortality, and finding meaning in death, and ultimately finding the fate you deserve.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Suicide, terminal illness, child abuse, child murder, substance abuse


I definitely want to play Pretty Little Cultists, but the question is whether to go for the Wellington or Phoenix run…