Disney's "Star Wars" larp

If you thought 500 Euro was expensive for a larp which used a castle: Disney is doing a Star Wars larp - sorry, “immersive experience” - and it will cost US$6000 for 4 people for a weekend (or US$1500 each):

Which is I guess what happens when you run a larp in an expensive hotel, with paid actors etc.

I would totally do that. I’d gripe about the deficiencies later, but I’d 100% do that.

I think it would definitely be in the “trip of a lifetime category”. If it was in NZ (or travel was moral) then I’d consider it.

Yes, Disney’s marketing is as crazy as ever. They realise that the Star Wars world has a lot of fans who are willing to starve but get to see this LARP.

So we don’t lose this link: @Anna_K went to Galactic Starcruiser and is documenting her experience:

Wow, that looks like a fantastic experience for her. I’m glad she got a costume that lets her swagger in good order. :wink: