Discworld Larp

Would anyone be keen to help me write a Discworld Larp
if so just comment and we can go from there :smiley:

I’m more then happy to give it a go…

Discworld larp! Awesome!

Im actually in a Discworld play too, performing in may. Its Maskerade

Discworld, ack, could be funny BUT if you are a newbie I can only suggest that you play in and or crew in a few larps before leaping into GM’ing.
Pretty much its not as easy as it looks. A few larps in and you will have a better appreciation for what goes into a successful larp.

Yeah im signed up to do some larps now but im just seeing if people would be keen to help me make a discworld larp once ive started

i have some mates in Mask

Oh cool:D You’ll have to let me know who

Co-GM for Serenity here…

May I just say that running a larp is AWESOME FUN??? ^___________^

Anyways Zane… I’m keen to help! Become Co-Gm or the such xD

I’ll be an angel I swear…! :smiling_imp:

wtf is discworld?

Google Terry Pratchett.

Also, I didn’t mean to put your idea down, just saying you need to try it before you buy it… particularly live combat larps… not all cards or paper scissors rock lizard spock


Absolutely Zane,
I am about setting up a Discworld Larp at present.
See https://www.facebook.com/groups/188683271930550/
Jump in there if interested.
The main interest here is NOT the Battle part.
I know that’s strange because almost all LARP revolves around battles.
But the Discworld characters are so complex that I don’t believe we need battle to have a good LARP.
Just imagine the Patrician doing Battle ??
He would already have arranged things so the battle didn’t happen.
Wizards throw fireballs (and we might actually have some that do exactly that for real !) but they are never effective due to the ineptitude of Wizards in general.
See what I mean.
Also we want the Minimum of Rules - Just BE your character and see what transpires naturally by interacting with the others due to the character traits of the characters.
Oh and we have a Luggage too :slight_smile:

Thread necromancy at its finest. :slight_smile:

Check the age of this thread, are you really sure about this?

Gotta admit, I did actually laugh out loud at the “Nine years later” just before Ravin’s post :slight_smile: