Discounts on Worbla for NZ LARP members


Discounts on Worbla

Hi guys,
Worbla New Zealand would like to work with NZ LARPs and offer discounts to all current NZ LARP members interested in purchasing Worbla’s awesome costume and prop-making products.

To start out, they’re offering 10% off any purchases over $24, and all you’d need to do is type in the unique discount code during the online checkout process. You also get to take advantage of their standard benefits, like free shipping in NZ.

A bit about Worbla

Worbla New Zealand is the home of Worbla Thermoplastics here in NZ.
They have plenty of tutorials and links to check out on their website. Or you can find more of their info here: Or check out their facebook page ‘Worbla New Zealand Ltd’.

A bit about Worbla’s products:

Worbla’s not just for Cosplay artists (though I’m sure we’ve all seen some epic examples there). It’s a versatile and easy to use non-toxic thermoplastic that can be used to make everything from custom jewellery, to decorative sculptures, artworks, and full suits of armour.

It’s really easy to use, and re-use. Worbla is self-adhesive so can be layered together with no need for extra glue or bonding agents. It can be cut with normal scissors and shaped with a heat gun (some even use a hairdryer). You can even blend the leftovers together and use them like clay.
Personally, I’ve just ordered some of the Mesh Art (because I’m told by Worbla that it can “take a beating” and that its tear-resistant underside makes it strongest for LARPing). I’ll also be trying out some of the Black Art for detailing and shaping a breastplate I’m making for someone shortly.

How to get the discount:

I’m not posting the discount code here because this page has more reach than we have actual members. Instead, we’ll be emailing out the code to all current paid-up members, as well as codes to companies we collaborate with in future. Please DO NOT share the code around.

If your NZ LARPs membership has lapsed, or you’d like to sign up, you can do that online here: Lapsed members can log into and check on their membership status and pay online, or pay direct into the NZLARPs bank account.

If you can’t remember your log-in details, or can’t find the NZ LARPs bank details on diatribe, Malcolm has kindly offered to let you ‘bug’ him by emailing

If you have any suggestions of other companies you’d like us to investigate collaborating with and gettind discounts from, feel free to get in touch. If you have any other questions you can always hit me up at

Kindest regards,



All members have been emailed the discount code. If you think you’re a member, but didn’t receive it, check your spam folder. If its not there, then check with so we can update your details.


Please note that this code is no longer valid, but we are looking at the potential to re-negotiate its use.

Do not hesitate to contact me via if you have queries or would like this discount back.