Diatribe tweaks

Could the section “Hosted Boards” be re-named to “Games” or “Larps to play in” so the section makes more sense to newcomers.

“Games” could work. Although some events like Chimera aren’t exactly a game, and the “Hosted Boards” area doesn’t include all games (usually it’s only campaigns/recurring events, not one-off games), most often “Games” is probably a good description.

“Hosted Boards” was used to get across the idea that these forums are controlled by the people who run each group, as an alternative to having their own forum somewhere else. But that’s not necessarily an important thing to emphasise.

Happy to change the name of the section to “Games”. Anyone else have thoughts on that change?

I’ve gone ahead and changed the name of the section to “Games”.

I’ve also updated a couple of posts by DiatribeAdmin (“Welcome to Diatribe” in general discussion and “Hosted forums for game” in support) to reflect the new name of the section.