Diatribe Signatures

This crosses my mind every now and then when people put images in their signature. Small images (like when Jared and Dave had the KS logo in their signature) don’t bother me so much but larger images can be a real pain, especially if they’re in the sig of a prolific poster. Ants’ enw signature image jumped out at me and really takes up a lot of room. I think it really slows down reading experience and seeing the same image everywhere is going to get old fast.

I’d like to moot that we set it so you can’t have images over a certain size in your signature (if at all) We’re a discussion forum, primarily, and one avatar should be enough for anyone. I realise I might be completely alone on this, but I won’t till I say something :slight_smile:

(Ants, if you have access to this forum, sorry to be ‘that guy’, your pic is really cool!)

I concur.

That’s a pretty massive signature.

Yeah have access :slight_smile:.

On my Phone at the mO so when I get a chance I will make it smaller. Or just remove it. On my screen it isn’t invasive so I thought it would be ok. Thanks for the feedback.

On the topic though really large ones are annoying. They have nothing on animated ones so annoying

EDIT: So I have reworked it. Let me know if it is two invasive. ill use you guys as the test group :slight_smile: