Den of Wolves

Today I played in the BSG-inspired megagame “Den of Wolves”. I was in what I though was a political role as Vice-President, part of the civilian government of the refugee fleet. But due to the First Secretary (our faction’s ship manager) missing their evacuation (having to miss the game at the last minute for Very Good Reasons), and the political / Council stuff being managed by the president in another room, it turned into a logistics / management / PR role. I didn’t mind that: I had fun, and it wasn’t too far from expectations. but it certainly wasn’t a larp. I had a role, but not really a character. That role was “talky”, in that it was about negotiations, but that was merely instrumental. There’s no real portrayal, let alone immersion. Megagames aren’t larps, and are designed from a completely different set of principles. But for me, they work as part of a balanced gaming diet.

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