Delicious Friends


Character sheets have been sent.

The Aspiring Author Anna Klein
The Beginning Novelist Stephanie Pegg
The Biting Satirist Sophie Melchior
The Bold Rake Brooklynne Kennedy
The Charming Devil Mel Duncan
The Confident Actor Steph Cybart
The Dazzling Peacock Jon Ball
The Devilish Tempter Kerry Pellett
The Dilettante Journalist Alice Turnbull
The Exquisite Muse Daena Dixon
The Hacking Writer Donna Giltrap
The Immaculate Dandy Daniel Atkins
The Impoverished Undergraduate Rebecca Harris
The Popular Socialite Catherine Pegg
The Slumming Aristocrat Sarah Lyne
The Social Climber Daphne Cohen
The Starving Artist Michelle Burt
The Curious Poet Vanya Essin
The Gallows Poet Ellen Boucher

Obviously, I’d like a Satirist. If you know anyone who can help, then please convince them to sign up for Hydra.


Delicious Friends! I present for your enjoyment, last week’s Unexpurgated London Gazette!


That’s nicely done! Looking forward to hearing how this game goes.


The marvellous Bryn did the layout at short notice.


Thanks to Sophie, we now have a Biting Satirist.

I am now wondering whether to write the Scarlet-Stockinged hedonist, since I’ll need to sometime.


Ooh, very nice work, Bryn!

I, I guess I can’t wear bright red stockings then. :cry:


[quote=“theamazingcatherine”]Ooh, very nice work, Bryn!

I, I guess I can’t wear bright red stockings then. :cry:[/quote]

There’s no reason why you can’t. Its a role I planned to write, but player numbers and lack of inspiration meant that I didn’t need to. I will however have to finish them before I hit the “Publish” button on larpwriter.


I finally wrote the Scarlet-Stockinged hedonist and hit the “publish” button. You can get the full larp here:

Not my best work (I am painfully aware of my overuse of some plot elements), but I wasn’t going to develop it further, so I might as well hit publish and let anyone who wants to fix it.