Deep Love


Jason Morningstar continue shis obsession with larps about sea-monsters, with Deep Love:

You’ve come to this paradise to drop a two-and-a-half ton iron ball off the side of a ship and lower it almost a kilometer into the abyss. You’ve come to crawl inside that iron ball and go down with it, to see what there is to see down there.

You’ve come with three other brilliant adventurers, friends, and lovers, and you’ll all get a chance to descend and risk your lives in exchange for seeing things no human being has ever seen.

And maybe, in the inky darkness and cold silence, you’ll find a measure of happiness and fulfillment.

Deep Love is a feel-good game about the complexity of love and sea monsters. You play real people doing real stuff, exploring the deep ocean off Bermuda in the thirties. You get to see things no one has ever seen before, and you do it in awkward pairs in a sweaty bathysphere as part of an odd love quadrangle.

All based on a true story.

They recommend two play spaces: one for the ship, and one cramped one for the bathysphere.