Death Mask

The mixture needed to cure those attacked by anti-mana

  1. Vendis root & corpse hat into powder
  2. chop stems of fen leaf and mix with powder
  3. soak in water for 3 minutes
  4. Brew 2 springs sarrotine into a tea
  5. Drain the soaked mixture saving the liquid to mix with the sarrotine in 1:3 proportions.

Best made fresh, as effects reduce with time as mixture cools.
Do not let the pulp slip into the final mixture when straining or patient will becomes more dead than dead like.
Same if the ratio is off.

Fenleaf: grows near swamps. is leafy
Vendis root: brown carrot
Serrotine: Multi pink flower, same colour as heartsbloom

Any one with alchemy can make this, right?

I believe so, yes. It came complete with little pictures of the herbs.

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