Dead Irishman seeks scientist for resurection purposes

At the end of the last session of 33AR Cormac Cullen died. His torn and battered body was hauled in from the battlefield and the surgeons did what they could for him. The best efforts of medical practice managed to bring Cormac into a state that could pass for stable but a short while later the Irish former soldier passed away quietly.

But I am not prepared to let this be the end of him (or at least the end of his shell)! The nature of Cormac’s wounds and the skill of the doctors who tended to him means that the body of Cormac Cullen presents a fairly whole and usable corpse and delving into his service records in the Army of Allied Nations will show that he had once been a part of the Homunculus Donor Program (though his consent has long since lapsed).
I’m looking for someone interested in a character connection here. Someone to whisk the body of Cormac Cullen from the Honover infirmary and put it though the rigours and procedures needed to once more breathe a semblance of life into the Irishman.

Who’s interested?

As side note, the nearest resurrection station to Skye is on the Isle of Raasay to the north. That’s where the body would be taken for revivication.

Would if I wasn’t confined to the Surgery, but I’m sure someone here will :slight_smile:

Since no one else is biting, I’ll offer that #74 checked your records and then sent you off with all the Campbell Soldiers. It’ll probably get her in a world of crap with other characters though :stuck_out_tongue:

#74 will have the entire Irish contingent of Hanover to back her up. If Cormac doesn’t get resurrected, the wailing and rending of clothing will continue (one of Ireland’s chief exports).

I distinctly remember some trouble when the last homunculus who was a well liked PC turned up…

Well, the paperwork is certainly very important, but 45% of those of us here on Skye were damaged beyond recovery and our ichor doesn’t buy you safety nearly so well with our numbers diminished so. If anyone has an abundant supply of corpses with their paperwork entirely in order, they’re welcome to let the Ressurectionists know.

Awesome, and cheers to #74. I was starting to worry that I would have to invent an NPC for this.

No problem, although, like I said, she might cop some flak from everyone else. Serves Cormac right for not updating his records though :unamused: I have a couple of explanatory pamphlets to send to you as well…

Flak builds character right? Haha.

I have no problem with explanatory pamphlets, wing 'em my way!