Day game favorite moments

What were the highlights for you?? Let’s show the GMs how much fun we had so we might get another one!

For me the whole first game and being Ivy (is she the real one, is she not??) was awesome. A massive thank you to Sarah for being so very game with the tormenting. It just goes to show how awesome RP can be when you trust the other player.

Game two was epic. I honestly didn’t think I was getting out of that mansion alive. Ants was fantastic as the demon tormentor. I loved our little tussle that ended in my throat almost being torn out. Sameera’s epic final fight was so kick ass. #99 looking out for Ivy all game, first when she regressed and then again when she was really hurt. Miss Crane being such an epic bitch. The creepiness of the NPCs at the New Year’s eve party. Special shout out to Russ for saying the same line in the same place over and over.

But one of the best things was that Ivy spent most of the game using her other skills, not just yelling and killing things. It made a really nice change of pace.

What were your favorite moments?

Oh man, I now get why the crew love being so evil!

My favourite moment was definitely when Ant’s scary demon dude grabbed me from behind and Ivy and Sameera frantically tried to bargain with him to release me.

I was not expecting a sword to be thrust through me, and was pretty sure I died.

Also, homunculi drugs are awesome. In fact, I am awesome because of them.