Darkness Falls: a Hunter the Vigil game set in Hamilton

Hey guys, we are setting up a Hunter the Vigil game in Hamilton. It’s going to be a monthly larp, and we are looking to set it up as soon as possible. We are looking for one or two more ST’s at the moment, and of course we want all you lovely players to join. The website is darknessfallslarp.proboards.com/index.cgi

The setting is Hamilton in the World of Darkness, except that the city is called Darkness Falls. The story is as follows:

Darkness Falls has always been a centre of paranormal activity. Because of this, an incredibly effective group of Hunters were located there, dealing with any problems that arose. But last year, things started to go weird. Hunters were disappearing one by one, just dropping out of contact with their friends and families. Finally, the head of the Hunters called a secret meeting at the Waikato University library for those Hunters who still remained in the city. Halfway through the meeting, the building exploded, killing them all. The number of supernatural events in the city skyrocketed after that.

Now, a few months later, a new group of hunters has arrived in the city. From all over they have journeyed here to stem the flow and find out the truth. Welcome to the World of Darkness.

G’day, welcome to Diatribe.

We have some Hamilton larpers here, and there may also be some Auckland larpers happy to travel for a game.

Good to know there ARE still other larpers active in Hamilton.

I’d not been able to contact any since forever… well no one contacting me at least… do you think your group might be interested in other larp types as well?

I’m keen to have another look at this type of larp (can’t commit to being an ST though, since my baby daughter takes up all my time and I don’t even have time to run my own larp).

I frequently head to Orkland for some of the big weekend larps, so anyone wanting to cross over and get into a wider range of stuff then let me know, I try to carpool when possible and have taken a good few with me in the past.

Let me know when you’re getting of the ground.


Jared Hansen

One other thing, please consider running on the 1st or 2nd weekend of each month… theres a lot of clashes with the Auckland monthly games (of which there are 3 so far)… and the bigger weekend larps and some of the day larps use predominantly the 3rd and 4th weekend of each month. If you clash with those, you will lose out on those Hamilton larpers who also enjoy going to Auckland games.

yeah, i know you guys. I’m jono kim, I’m in Requiem and New Horizons, and was at Chimera the last two years. We are currently looking at the second weekend of the month as I am still involved in Porl and Joels game up in aucks on the first weekend

So far we have had about ten people register an interest and three players sign up on the forums. Come on guys, it’s going to be awesome. The more players we have, the more fun we will have

um ill try if i can probably not.
but ill try if its at a good time :smiley: :smiling_imp:

Ruined the forum? I don’t see anything ruined about it… Just sign up, we’ll sort everything out from there.

Is there a players guide we can download?

For this game or for all Hunter games? If for all Hunter games, then downloading the World of Darkness core book and the Hunter: The Vigil book is useful, if for our game in particular, we will sort something out but at the moment it should be under house rules. We have all the books in pdf form if you want to come get them at some point, they are too big to email though. I’ll pm you with my number and we can sort out a time and place

Was thinking of this game mainly, as I’m considerably new to it. Have checked the house rules, and fired off a 500 word or less character outline as requested. Buy if I can pick up a copy of the core books, that’d be excellent.

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