Dancing and Dramatics

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Just seen on Drive Thru: Dancing and Dramatics (or maybe Drama and Dancing? It doesn’t seem sure about the title), a regency dance larp:


In the middle of the Napoleonic Wars, eligible ladies and gentleman gather in the small country town of Candleford Green. They look forward to a night of convivial dancing and gossip at the local assembly hall, but beneath the frivolities these heroes and heroines are all searching for something deeper; love, adventure, status, security, or maybe simply self-discovery. Some of their stories are just beginning, while others are nearing their climactic conclusions.

This larp is for 12 players, 1-2 facilitators, and has optional rules for NPCs.

Its pitched as 5 hours (to fit in a California 6-hour con slot), but 1.5 hours of that is workshops, including two dance lessons. I haven’t given it a close reading (because who knows, I may want to play it one day), but it has thin characters and uses a workshop process to flesh out the character relationships from a few provided details. There’s also some guides to dance steps, and rules for whist (of course).