Cthulhu Parlour: The Maddening

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Seen over facebook: a Cthulhu mystery game:

This is the only game in the world to start with a real hypnotic induction (optional) to get your players into a mindset that will make the events more real and terrifying than ever before. Each Act and supporting narration has orchestrated soundscape (Nine new soundscapes not found on the Cthulhu Soundscapes Vol 1 & 2) that will further immerse your players like never before.

All players get involved working out puzzles, interviewing characters, performing rituals and solving mysteries. Characters for the players are optional, you can also have players being themselves but transported through time.

This intense tale is to be played in one night and utilises soundscapes, printable props, masks and the hypnotic induction. It’s also designed to be played along with your phone, pad or print.

I’m not sure how larpy it is though, and with the dollar where it is ATM, I’m not sure whether to gamble £12 to find out.

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it SOUNDS awesome…