Crushed to Death in a Corolla

NZLARPS presents: the conceptual successor to the US classics “Buried Alive in a Pinto” and “Shot into Space in a Yugo”Crushed to Death in a Corolla

This larp will explore the “boy racer” subculture, as well as the land transport enforcement policies of former Police Minister Judith Collins. The five players will be squeezed into a second-hand Toyota Corolla, and subjected to simulated speeding. They will attempt to solve their interpersonal conflicts while avoiding arrest, prosecution, and being crushed in an industrial-scale compactor.

To ensure the safety of other road users, all road travel and car chases will be simulated using Grand Theft Auto V. A dedicated crew will play the roles of police, court and car crusher staff, as well as Minister Collins and her media team. Being crushed to death will be simulated by being crushed to death, and will be livestreamed over Facebook. A safeword and the lookdown mechanic will be used to ensure emotional safety during the experience.

Preregistrations will be open from April 1, 2019. While costs are not yet finalised, they are expected to be in the realm of ~NZ$800, due to the need to purchase a vehicle as well as a legal copy of GTAV. Participants will be responsible for their own health and funeral expenses.

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I’m allergic to Corolla’s (long teenage story, don’t ask). Any chance this could be re-run using an RX-7?

Probably, but you’d need a different title if you wanted it to alliterate. “Crushed to Death in an RX-7” doesn’t quite scan right.