Crazy wizard costume?

I’m officially a “crazy wizard” in The Most Magical Time of the Year at Hydra.

So, robes or waistcoat? Or do I go the full early Harry Dresden and wear a bathrobe?

Sadly, I have neither the time not the inclination to cultivate the crazy facial hair the concept deserves, but I might be able to do something with my natural unrulyness.

Bathrobe and wild untamed hair?

The thought had occurred to me. But how would people distinguish it from me in the morning?

(OK, I could add a monocle. Bathrobe, wild untamed hair, and monocle…)

I feel like having something distinguished like a monocle and a pocketwatch classes it up a bit

Just say you put on your robe this morning (oblivious to the fact it is the wrong robe for work)


People suggested ugg boots or bunny slippers. Which is moving from “crazy” into horror.

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A really long serving spoon standing in for a wand. (And to stir the eggnog.)

What? You did say crazy…!

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Got the character sheet, and its looking like waistcoat territory. Fortunately, I have a good selection, and will be bringing spares for P&P…

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Waistcoat and wild hair always works!