Costume ideas


Here are a few images that Sam shared with me, for your viewing pleasure.

Feel free to use this thread to link to other costume inspiration you find, or even costume suppliers.


These are some of my inspirations … 444412.jpg … 770760.jpg … tanker.jpg



Yes, I’m going for a very specific look ;p

#4 … ome_active

I wish I had the money to buy this, or the know how to make it!


This upcoming tv show/game looks to be good for inspiration, if you ignore the presence of aliens.

Also, Book of Eli

Doomsday has some good tribal costumes

Terra Nova for a stranded but futuristic look

Also; 12 monkeys, Babylon AD, Children of men, Dredd, Escape for LA/New york, The road, Terminator salvation, Titan AE. (I cheated a did a search for dystopian films :stuck_out_tongue:)


My character’s gonna be batshit insane, so we have this as a base:

with a little touch of this:

and maybe a bit of this:

I definitely want a helmet. Writing my first draft tomorrow!

#7 … erything-i



A few screen shots of my Fallout: New Vegas character.


Also there is now a tumblr… if you want to share these things over there.

and to submit


Militia perhaps.


this is neat … 959&type=3


His bag is almost identical to the one I have :slight_smile: