Contagion game 3 - September?

Hi folks! How do people feel about game 3 happening in September?

Barring unexpected COVID resurgences we should be fine in terms of physical risk, but there is a lot of plague-y content in game 3, and it’s a lot more reality-based than game 2. So, is that something people are going to be ok with in the next few months, or would y’all be more comfortable with bumping it until next year?

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I’m available for delighted to participate in September!

In terms of plague-y stuff, what would be a serious problem for me will be discussions of legit public health measures, as that’s my IRL work. It would turn a fun game into a work meeting in the worst possible way.

But the more OTT the content, the less problematic I personally find it. I can’t emotionally connect real life to a 50% fatality rate plague. Also, based on my last game, I may be spending the game running negotiations between three angels?

My 2 cents, happy to discuss lines and veils with folk


Having skipped the last game because of the format I think it’d be very hard for me to catch up.

@u_ne_korn That’s a resonable boundary, and I think the plague content should be fantasy-based/OTT enough to avoid replicating your work (and you can absolutely opt out of that sort of content within the game and go play with angels instead :stuck_out_tongue: )

@Reanna There are new player spaces in game 3, and a few players who joined for game 2 but are missing a lot of game 1 context - you’re definitely welcome back if you want to keep playing, and I think you should be able to slot back in :slight_smile:

I’m very tempted because I really enjoyed the first one. I do have a but, though: will I still be able to play a scientist now that the game is all about religion?

And we’d also have to make up something convincing for where she’s been during game 2. Given how initial events went I’d say having a nervous breakdown. :smiley:

@reanna the game isn’t exactly all about religion now - there was plot juggling due to some things being more feasible online than others, so from here on it should be more of a mix. You can definitely still play your scientist, and there will definitely still be a place for her :slight_smile:

IIIII’m iiiiin… :smiley:

We just cancelled an overseas holiday in September. So silver lining!