Contagion - format change due to Covid-19

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, I’m no longer planning to hold a physical game for Contagion 2.

Instead, Contagion 2 will take place online, with a Discord session at the original time on 18th April, and new monthly content between then and session 3 (which will return to the live-action format and is currently tentatively planned for September 2020).

If you’ve already bought a ticket, the ticket cost will be refunded, as I no longer need to pay for a venue or props. I’ll be sorting that all out today, so you should receive an email saying that your booking has been cancelled, and your refund should come through in the next 48 hours. Unfortunately while LilRegie are waiving their normal cancellation fees given the extenuating circumstances, they are still charging their 2.75% credit card fee, so your refund will be around $1 short of what you actually paid.

If you already bought a ticket and still want to play, you don’t need to do anything - I’ll be in touch soon with updated game info.

If you already bought a ticket and no longer want to play the changed format, I completely understand - just let me know as soon as you can, and I’ll remove you from the player list for this game. You’ll still be able to rejoin for session 3.

If you haven’t signed up and want to play, you can sign up here:

I have added an online-only stream to the campaign as a whole, intended for people who want to continue playing beyond session 2, but live outside Wellington or for whatever reason don’t want to join the physical games. This is a new faction of scientists, journalists, and interested laypeople trying to solve some of the game’s puzzles from back in reality, and they’ll have online sessions running parallel to each future live-action session. If you’d like to sign up for the online-only stream, please use the above form and check the appropriate option.

More details on exactly how this is all going to work coming soon!