Consequence Update - August 23 2019

Howdy Y’all!

A few announcements this fine Friday evening; New Rules Errata, Third Party Darts, and Pregame Story updates.

First up, we have revised a couple of Calls - CRIPPLE, CRIPPLE ARM and CRIPPLE LEG have been replaced by CRIPPLE and HOBBLE. You can read the details here:

Secondly, for budgetary reasons we have been looking into alternatives for official nerf darts. Fortunately we have some fellow NERF enthusiasts in the group who have tested darts before, so we have decided to allow EKIND darts at Consequence. You can check out their AliExpress store here:

Speaking of AliExpress, the deadline for ordering things to have them in time for the game is coming soon (I’d recommend ordering items that have 30-50 day shipping by the end of the month.)

Lastly, you will have noticed you haven’t seen any of the pregame stories that we had planned to release month by month. As we’re moving into crunch time now we’ve decided to put them on the backburner in the hopes of releasing them through the month of October.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement feel free to post them here, and any other questions please send them to