Consequence July 2020 Update

Howdy Y’all!

It’s been a while, and an update from our end is overdue. The GMs have managed to claw our way out of the COVID-19 stay-at-home lethargy to get hyped for delivering you a jam-packed game 2 of Consequence this November (6-8th.) So, what do you need to know?

Returning Player Ticket Cutoff
Returning Players, please ensure you have purchased your tickets, or contacted us regarding your attendance, by July 31st. This is to ensure that we give participants on the waitlist adequate opportunity to submit characters and put costume together, and so we know which characters we should be writing plot for.

Change to In-Game Date for Game 2
Due to the out-of-character calendar being disrupted, the in-game date of Game 2 is also being adjusted. Rather than a 6-month gap between games, Game 2 will now take place 3 days after the events of Game 1, on 6th-8th November 1869. The Game Blurb, which refers to a change of season, as well as the post game 1 newspaper issue, will be adjusted accordingly.

Crew Announcements
Crew should expect announcements in the Crew Facebook Group (and email/diatribe) to begin in August, after we have locked in our returning players and offered player spots to those on the waitlist, so we can avoid big spoilers for crew who may become players. Things get spooky from here on out.

Rules Version 2.0 Publication
We are just putting the finishing touches on the compiled PDF version, we should have it up by next week.

This message will be cross-posted to Facebook and emailed to non-Facebook users.


I am looking forward to this.

(Meanwhile, the research I did on real-world news stories around expected game dates will just go on a shelf, in case its useful in future games :slight_smile:

Will there be link to the updated rules here?