Consequence Game 2 Photos

Photos from Game 2 have arrived! Big thanks to Oliver Ewert for these amazing shots; we’re so lucky to have a photographer with us for the whole weekend. Olly has offered to touch up individual shots if anyone wishes, and is happy for them to be for personal use (with credit of course :-))

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I see there are many photos of the Parade Ground Duck.

And that is as it should be. :smiley:

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I love how the album starts with “and here are some lovely ducks I saw.” :slight_smile:
You guys have brilliant set dressing and costuming.

  1. Great photos, great looking LARP.
  2. Very cute ducks.
  3. The name “consequences” keeps throwing me for a loop, because that is the name of the UK LARP convention (which just ran this past weekend.)
  4. I see Simplicity 2172 is also a popular sewing pattern among LARPs in NZ.