Consequence Game 2 - COVID-19 Update

Thank you everyone for standing by while we monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact on Game 2 of Consequence.

Is the game being cancelled or postponed?

At this point we are NOT planning to cancel or postpone the event, however as the situation is changing daily we may be forced to reconsider if the landscape changes drastically. IF we are forced to postpone the game, we will announce it no later than March 30 (not April Fools.)

If the game does end up being postponed, what will that mean?

If the game is postponed, Game 2 will be run in the slot currently reserved for Game 3 (November 6-8.) Some previously teased elements of the game and/or timeline will be adjusted to fit with the seasonal difference.

What if I have already bought a ticket?

Tickets already purchased will be valid for the new timeslot, but can be refunded at your request.

What if I have a ticket but cannot attend due to illness?

If you are ill and contact us to explain that you will not be attending the game (whenever it runs,) your ticket will be put forward to a future game.

I’m worried about buying my ticket before I know if the game will run…

This is understandable. As such, we are extending the deadline for returning players to purchase their ticket by 2 weeks. If you played in Game 1 but will not be returning to Game 2 for whatever reason, please let us know ASAP by emailing so that we can give those on the wait list as much notice as possible to prepare a character.

To reiterate, Consequence Game 2 is still planned for 29-31 May, however if the situation changes and a postponement is required, we will announce this on March 30.

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