Consequence 2 highlights / awesome moments

The problem with running a newspaper is that I actively avoid (dangerous) plot in favour of asking people about it afterwards. But here’s a stab at stuff I particularly enjoyed:

  • Having someone (naming no names) wander past my office on Friday night for a chat and infodump about the miners, which gave me stuff to ask questions about later (and helped shape my perceptions of the story).
  • @Walter and @Zari. The former wrote stories, for which he was criminally underpaid, and gave a different perspective on stuff I was writing which helped me work out how to say things. The latter was a constant source of news tips. I couldn’t have produced the Review without you (well, I could have - but it would have been much worse, or I would have had to wait for Stateside news to fill the space). Now that I’ve had a whole weekend of economics of the newspaper, I need to work out a better pay scale for contributors.
  • The Friday night attack. I hid, of course, and took notes. But it felt scary, and confused, and dangerous, and I hope that’s what the GMs were going for.
  • The whole medical profiteering / healthcare thing. First I have people complaining about outrageous charging of the injured, making highly newsworthy threats, and then I got to witness a solution just hours later (and throw out all the copy I’d just written). I think this plotline was entirely player driven, and a lot of fun to watch it boil over.
  • being able to out-ODT the ODT with the Parade Ground Duck story. I expect the exploits of the duck will be a regular feature of the Review in future. (For those who don’t know, the Otago Daily Times still subscribes to the local newspaper ethic that nothing remarkable should go unremarked, and hence is infamous for publishing stories about lost dogs and so on).
  • The sad demise of Jefferson the parrot. This (and several other events on Saturday night) I think have helped crystalise part of Mr Durham’s character. (There may be a story on this in the post-game edition).
  • Having @joker see that one of his rivals was advertising, and say “I want a bigger one”! The Review is happy to oblige :).
  • Interviewing, um, the tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand, asking the obvious question, and getting a “well yes, I am”. Also a “Fuck Georgia” when I asked about his accent. An excellent performance from @Dragnew.

I had a great time, and I really appreciate the hard work the GMs and crew put into it. And the hard work the players did in not shooting me or telling me to go away when I stood there with a pad and pen in hand, asking stupid or irritating questions.


I am almost certain the “whole medical profiteering / healthcare thing” was player driven, mostly because it was kicked off my by PC being well, exactly what he was on the tin: A money seeking capitalist able provide a required service and charging (outrageous but stated) prices for it. I loved the entire thing.

It was one of two emergent plots that hit every single high note for me, the other being The Last Leg, where there was finally a case of Gangrene, which comes down to “amputate or death” in the rules, and 3-6 people got involved in both the treatment of it, and seeking an effective replacement.

My “Doctoring Highlight” was Saturday Morning when we got a call: “We need ALL doctors”. And yes, the scene called for all eight of us: Two vanguard employees impaled through and through to each other with an iron bar. Cue super tense medical scene, trying to save lives. Highly dramatic outcome that lead to another scene with Van Der Laar, Stevenson and Carver all doing very advanced surgury in the theatre together.

Apart from that, lots of fulfilling character moments with people I didn’t expect to do a lot of talking to, and they felt hearty and gratifying.


This bit honestly saved the weekend for me. I’m going to have to think quite long and hard if this can work for me overall, and how.

If it does, the next parrot is going to be Madison. (I looked it up.)

But lots of great players playing great characters! And I love the high production values as well.


Linking the facebook thread of the same topic, so we can find it easier later:

And the names thread:


There are over 500 comments of awesome on that thread that had me variously laughing and crying.

Now waiting for the official photos. I assume they’ll take a while, but @Bryn’s unofficial sepia-toned shots are a great teaser.


The Saturday morning paper arrived in the crew room.
“The leader of the attackers put people to sleep”
Wat. No. That was my lead minion.
Did you confuse my lead minion for being the leader?
May I murder the newspaper man?


For the crew, some of whom I know are not on FB:
I had such a lovely time playing this silly game with you all. Thank you for being silly and uplifting and positive and kind and enthusiastic. Well done for taking time out for looking after yourselves, I know I chased one person off for a nap.

Newbies, you were fabulous. I know there’s a lot of worry to “do it right”, but mostly, so long as everyone is smiling at the end, then you’ve done it right.

I hope your feet are OK today - like many things, it’s not the doing that’s the problem, it’s what happens after you stopped!

I loved leading you all as an army! And I forgive you treacherous wretches for choosing the carnies over me. They’re pretty awesome 😃


Cowering behind the corner hoping no-one would notice me did not give me the most reliable perspective on the battle.

I did briefly wonder whether it would be possible to interview Prince Tybalt, but it seemed dangerous for all sorts of reasons. But they could always… take out an advertisement?

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Maybe stop killing people and give an interview to the nice reporter, then continue, knowing the facts will be recorded well?

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No you may not. He’s responsible for far too much entertainment. :grinning:

And I’ll second the kudos for the new crew. I couldn’t tell if you were players or crew sometimes and I definitely couldn’t tell who was there for the first time!