Stonewall Deliveries.
You want it got into difficult places, or taken out of difficult places, I can do it.
Maybe share a bottle of booze while we discuss delivery terms?

Manĝanto de Koroj Tribe leader of the Iron Maulers
Who’s turf you’re kind of on…

Captain Vivienne Casella a.k.a Vi
MarTex Armed Response Syndicate (M.A.R.S) head of E.O.D Squad and chemical engineer.

But ignore all of that technical jargon, stranger. You can just call me Vi!
You may have seen me 'round, I tend to travel a lot 'cos of my job.

Andy Ryder
Shooting it, stealing it, stabbing it. The family business. Priceless family artifacts being sold by merchants? Suspicious packages need transporting by a six foot tall biker? Need some pesky little disturbance shot in the face? Leave it to Andy! Call him today for a free consultation! (Unless you’re one of those guys from New Haven who wants me dead. Seriously, please stop contacting me. Killing your henchmen every day is getting my clothes bloodstained.)