Connections over the next few months

It’s fine to fill plot places with NPCs, but much more fun to fill them with PCs instead! So if you’ve got a situation in your character update it might be interesting for others to play with as well, or are feeling a little plot light and are looking to spice up your story-arc, then please give a shout-out here.

It’s like job hunting, only fun, so nothing like job hunting really.

I’m looking for a member of the Queens Bodyguard who might be up for a few secret missions for Queen and Country over the next six months, most of them dangerous and far away from Skye. The most important of which will be about 2 or 3 weeks before the next session. They will be battle/sneak situations rather than diplomacy, though an engineer could work.

Well for us, it is job hunting!

Us Mercenaries are off in our ship to scout around for jobs (we only have had a few offers)
Anyone that wants to hitch a ride (for a small fee) or even wants to send us on a job is more than welcome. This could be via letter or a whisper in to my ear right before we left while slipping payment in to my hand.

Jobs we accept are:

  • Scouting for information
  • Pickups/Drop offs (Supplies, people etc)
  • Search and Rescue
  • Search and Destroy
  • General Infested-Areas cleansing

Any correspondence with us is best addressed to me, and I bring them to Thor. If I feel a job is too immoral or dangerous(although that is rarely an issue), then I could refuse. But I am sure you lovely folk don’t have anything too bad.
And of course discretion is always kept (I mean, look at Loki. Discretion is technically his middle name… if he has a full name that is)

We offer expertise on almost all areas, so there isn’t a job we can’t do.

PM or FB me if interested, the group are always interested in having more connections to others.