Community Welfare and Safety Meeting Nzlarps Auckland

2 April at 14:00–17:00

Leys Institute
St Mary’s Road, Auckland

NZLARPS Auckland is hosting a community welfare and safety meeting to get community feedback and discussion on how we can make LARP a safer place for all attendees.

Guests from RPE (Rape Prevention Education) and HELP (Support for sexual abuse survivors) will be present to assist and give advice.

We have arranged for an independent chairperson to facilitate the meeting. Attendees will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately, and failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave.

We encourage all larpers to attend, whether you are an NZLARPS member or not. We want to work together to ensure that our community is a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

This is not a forum intended to air specific cases or create a witchunt, but is intended to foster open and constructive dialogue as well as processes for addressing welfare issues within our community.


Thank you and well done for organising this!

It is a shame I will not be up for this, but I hope those who can attend ensure that they do!

I am sure the other regional committees are watching this intently :slight_smile:

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Agenda for NZLARPS Welfare Meeting regarding harmful sexual behaviour

Rules of the Meeting

  • No personal attacks before, during, or after the meeting
  • No individual issues for this meeting
  • Respect others present; don’t speak over others
  • Give others space to speak
  • Ensure equitable gender spread of speakers
  • If necessary, MC will step in if more than two people of the same gender want to speak in a row
  • MC to give space for quieter participants to speak
  • Stay on topic; don’t get side-tracked by niche issues or unrelated issues
  • Phones off or silent

Timeline/Agenda points
2pm - Independent MC to open the meeting (Courtney Walden)
Auckland Regional Director’s introduction (Rowena)
Auckland committee members to speak (Dave and Walter)
Guest speakers from HELP and RPE
3pm - 15 minute break for food - Pizza provided
Community discussion directed by the MC

  • Issues going forward
  • How do we deal with avoidable risks?
  • What safety processes should be implemented by GMs, Regional committees, National committee?
  • Before games - code of conduct, mood, themes in game, culture
  • During games - major issues & responses, minor issues & responses
  • After games - minor responses, major responses
  • Welfare officers, register, red card/yellow card
  • Ideas from the community
    Break into smaller groups to brainstorm
  • What would a safe community look and feel like?
  • What to GM’s need to consider?
  • What does NZLARP’s need to consider?
  • What do people that have been targeted by harmful behaviour need?
  • What do people that have been accused of perpetrating harmful behaviour need?
  • When can the community, GM’s and NZLARP’s intervene or preempt?
  • What could a safe process for resolving these issues look like?
    5pm - MC to close meeting
    5pm - 6pm: Time after meeting for people to talk to committee members on specific issues, and time to socialise.