Hi All,

The top General Forum has an NZLARPs forum, where there’s a few Auckland Committee posts, however I don’t see any for Wellington committee.
Perhaps we could have a sticky thread, with the current members & their roles?

Are members allowed at the committee meetings if we have things to bring up?
Or do we just submit them to the secretary?
Are we having an Regional AGM?

The current membership of all NZLARPS committees is listed here:

The reason for the lack of posts from the Wellington Committee on the NZLARPS forum is that we haven’t actually met at all this year.

I don’t think there’s any particular attendance policy, and I’d recommend that if you have something to raise that you post it publicly and email it to the secretary.

The committee is currently setting an RGM date.

I know that the Auckland Committee meetings are open to all members (only the committee members have voting rights but its good to hear others perspectives), are members allowed at the wellington meetings too?

We’ve certainly had non-committee members present in the past, but there’s no specific policy, and I’ve always assumed its down to whoever is hosting.