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[size=200]Total Eclipse[/size]

A Southern Mordavia LARP presentation

Imagine a world in which man kind is on the brink of Extinction and dark spirits roam the land. Amoungst the shadows of the Tree’s move Dark Elven folk avoiding the minisqual sunlight that breaks through the forboding clouds above. This world has slipped into darkness many thousands of years ago, but there is still a faint light for those who know where to look…

Total Eclipse will be a new world in which players may submerge themselves into, using one of many self made characters as they play through the twists and turns of this latest Day game campaign which may cover more than one race journey to the final goal.

Some may ask “where does this leave Southern Mordavia?”, sadly friends I’ve suspended my Mordavian activities until such a time the southern gear pool and member base can sustain weekend game of at least 50 people, rest assured Mordavia is still my number one focus, for the interim however I will be playing out an idea that has been with me for many years but missed the crucial component to tie the world together.

Be prepared for a new dark world brought to you by the founder of Mordavia

  • Scott Farndon

Southern Mordavia

Hi All, I know the above was said and not much was done, well surprise, it’s all true now. I’ve started the work on the system and the backgrounds… be prepared for something completely new and exciting :slight_smile:.


eagerly awaits :smiley:


About bloody time you lazy bugga


Give a poor bugger a chance there Snider, it’s been a long journey this far to get around the major flaws in the system, let alone any unforesable ones that appear during the trial run.

The Trial run I’m hoping to have going by the end of June, worse case would be end of July, however I’m dedicating this coming weekend to fleshing out most of the system so end of June looks to be promising.

The trial run will be invite only, and the first invites will be issued to LARPers that I have gamed with over the years and the Southern Mordavians.
If the trial run goes to plan and the system doesn’t buckle then it will go live, open to all NZers to enjoy.

Events are possible to be held in all major larp centers, but under the guidance of Total Eclipse GM’s who will be trained in how the system works. This system is far more complicated than the usual LARP systems, but in the process it allows events to run on a minimum of 6 players, NPC’s are just about a thing of the past, and club gear pools will be minimal, giving the players a wider area to explore unhindered by NPC travel times.

This system (The Total Eclipse Engine) has no association with NZLARPs, and belongs the intellectual property of its owner Scott Farndon. I hate legal mumbo jumbo, but you can never be too sure with larp systems these days :slight_smile:.

More to come as the system is fleshed out.

  • Scottie


The forum is up, and a few of the players are reading over the human background story and the updates that are being posted, so not a lot happening on the forum that most people can see.

However on the hidden board for the GM’s there is an influx of activity, we are currently discussing how the encounter system shall work, which is the key to the whole system so it’s taking a little time to perfect, mostly to avoid any “taking the pee” type of gamers wrecking the system for others.

The rule book has came to a screatching holt at present due to being Sick, so estimates of having a system running by end of June is looking bleak, the ambition was there but the body was not willing.

Advancements in other mechanics have came along nicely, my main focus has been on how the Councils interact with each other and with the commoners below them. It’s been difficult so far, especially when working with three different races that each have their own way of operating their unique councils.

Multiple Taverns have been decided upon to allow certain types of characters interaction before encounters and to build up friendships ingame.

Map mechanics are still on the drawing board as they tie in closely with the encounter system, but initial thoughts are swaying towards allowing players to compete for their own chunk of dirt, leading to numerous interesting outcomes.

It’s now public that Human Lords will be contending politically or physically for the Throne, while dealing with the issues of the other races.

Hope this gives you a taste of what is coming, the GM’s are starting to get rather reved about the system and can’t say I blame them, it’s an exciting time if all goes to plan this system will be able to run nation wide.

  • Scottie



Land of Kendoir map mostly done and posted on the forum for invitee’s to look over. Sectors will be put together in the next few days, then onto the rule system to utilise the map.


Excellent news all DemiGods are now signed up on the forum, this means more input from the GM’s and even more progress.

The Sectored map has been completed and will make a debut this evening. The currency system has been finalised :slight_smile:


ZANG !!! :smiley:


Beta Rule book is done, a few folks are proof reading for me at the moment. The map with all the Provinces 131 of them has been posted. A few more additions and then it’s the trial run.

  • Scottie


Well not a lot to report really, a knee injury has slowed me down a lot, I’m taking time to get it sorted out once and for all so I can be back up to fighting strength when Total Eclipse starts.

I will be working on advertising material in the near future and promoting Total Eclipse through all the main Chch channels :slight_smile:.


I’m getting close to the trial now, I’ve signed up 9 players to attend the trial, given that each player can have 4 characters each that populates the trial enough for a decent test :slight_smile:.

Commencement will be the beginning of September for the trial, after this it will go live if it survives the trial.


Trial begins TONIGHT

The original Trial launch was for this Saturday, but the discovery of a Total Lunar Eclipse at 10:37PM tonight was just too tempting not to Launch Total Eclipse.

Tonight 28th of August at exactly 10:37pm Total Eclipse will launch, those who have indicated their interest to trial the system will be emailed the Rule Book at exactly 10:37pm as the Lunar Eclipse reaches its peak.

From 10:37pm onwards characters will be allowed to submit for the trial, in two weeks the High Council Meetings will take place and in six weeks from now the system goes live for everyone to participate in.

Happy Gaming

  • Scottie


Now that, is cool :smiley:


Rule book is PDF’d and the email is typed, all that remains is… Time :smiley: