Combine two things to make a larp


Need an idea for NaLaWriMo in November? Try the elevator pitch method of combining two genres or fictional works. My current example (which people seem to like on Facebook) is “French revolution ‘Allo Allo’”. You can see it immediately: a harried cafe owner with a complicated life, trying to help escaping nobles (or maybe colourful visiting English heroes) while avoiding Madame Gullotine. While trying to make a franc on the side from stolen artwork or something.

Or maybe “Star Wars Cascablanca”? A bar on an occupied world, some people with Rebel sympathies, an escaping spy and corrupt local authorities, plus the Imperial secret service.

Anyone want to suggest any more? And ideally write them in November?


I need to get back on the larpwriting bandwagon again after the… (deservedly) lukewarm* response to Fool’s Gambit.

I like the Star Wars Casablanca thing a lot, especially since it’s combining two of my favourite things (I am likely not alone there though!). Although your pitch sounds like “Casablanca but at Mos Eisley” rather than an actual mix of the two :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm how about

  • Ancient Rome Only Fools 'n Horses (bumbling con men in a seedy part of Rome)
  • Lock, Stock, and two Smoking Blasters (Guy Ritchie gangsters in Spaaaace)
  • A Few Good Clones (Investigators/Lawyers finding out What Went Wrong in an authoritarian world where life is cheap and everyone has 6 clones)

Still like Star Wars Casablanca though…

* Fool’s Gambit is OK, but it’s hardly what I’d call successful…


I’d suggest setting it on another planet, and take the vibe from “Rebels” rather than “A New Hope”.

The others sound good. Roman con-men especially. It even has an easy name: Plebs! Though that might cause confusion with the TV show.


Doesn’t that describe a large part of Firefly? grin

I’d play Casablanca at the Mos Eisley Cantina. As the bartender so I’ve got a front row seat for the action. :slight_smile:

Cthulhu and pirates! …oh, wait. That’s probably half of Pirates of the Caribbean. Never mind.


Yes and no… there’s a lot more chaos and incompetence in your typical Guy Ritchie movie :wink:


Oh, fair enough. :grin:


Casbalanca in space was part of the idea behind The Constanta Blockade if my memory of casual discussions with Tony is accurate.


It looks that way (and I’m looking forward to playing that one next year). But Cascablanca meets Star Wars would be very different in tone from Cascablanca meets Firefly, or Cascablanca meets The Expanse.

I’m also thinking that Roman Allo Allo could be fun. It even has an easy title: “Salve salve”