Codex Elsicara

I know a lot of people wanted to copy these down, so here’s what I have on me (I’m missing at least half a page):

And here’s what we collectively managed to come up with over the weekend. Any further ideas?:

Num. Glyph Possible meanings
A. to compel/to give
to give/to take
to make/to divide
B. Creation or construct/?
C. Positive emotion/negative emotion
D. Remove?
E. Strengthen/Weaken
F. Inspire/dishearten
to give/to take
G. Subject/object
H. Bind/seperate
I. Rest/move
J. Life force - mana / health
K. Animate or excite/ ? no counter example
L. Purity/impurity
M. ?? Person/thing?
N. Body/soul or person? no real counter example
O. Sight/blindness
.P Self/other - in the sense of the person casting the spell, and who it is cast against

I believe we came across a piece of paper with similar glyphs on it.
I will see if I can find it and add it’s knowledge to the pool.

I think it was "discern if a person was telling the truth"
It would be interesting to see if we can rebuild the spell with what we already know, and then compare it to the original. A blind test as it were.

These may help -
was thinking of making a font for this (please note that this was a quick copy, and the SVGs may need additional work)

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Nice! Was thinking of the same, but didn’t have time.

You could drop them into icomoon and get a font that way? (27.1 KB)

This might help - haven’t tried them all but True type font looks ok, see how it goes I can remake them if we find more

So :

Compel a person to move is


Totes going to learn this :slight_smile: Would love to start carving, errr, drawing, on people. :wink:

I think this is the basis of ritual magic more likely. It doesn’t lend itself to quick casting


Have added this to my downtime activities - happy to pass on info
also I’ve created a google spreadsheet to help

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I will share what I know of the cult of Elsicara later. It may be of some use.

Here’s my notes from studying Elsicara, a tradition that arose in Castarr before the fall.

The Path of Elsicara

This mystic tradition has a shrouded history. The name appears in mysterious contexts that cannot always be aligned with what we know of their activities today. What is known to scholars is that the Path was developed in Castarr during the Reign, by a cabal of would-be sorcerers who sought to match or recreate the power of the Olcantan sorcerers - meaning they would need to discover the basic principles on their own.

Followers of the Path tried many things in their quest to develop their own methods and means of spell-casting: potions, the summoning of spirits, strange training of the voice and complex dances and gestures to name some of those mentioned in extant texts. Each was an attempt to tap into the human potential that we now call mana, to invoke their own power without having to access it through the benevolence of a god.They operated in secrecy, out of fear that Savronar or His disciples - jealous of competition should they near their goal - would seek to exterminate them. Of course, were such an attempt made it would presumably have indicated to any who survived the strike that they had at last discovered a path to real power. What the Castarri god thought of the Path has not come down to us through history, if it was ever known.

The glyph codices created by followers of the Path are some of the most elaborate among their efforts, and certainly they have been the most likely to survive intact for future generations to find; many of the other disciplines of the Path were not written down, whether out of caution, superstition or (as an outlying possibility) some reason of real sorcerous significance. By its nature glyph work required a written form, and these codices seem to have become collaborative efforts as they were passed around. The more popular glyph codices circulated widely enough for a few to survive the Fall and gain new significance as ‘lost knowledge’; accordingly original tomes are considered quite valuable. The glyphs were intended to represent concepts, or intentions of the human mind, inscribed in an abstract form which added some mystical distance between its literal meaning and its purpose in whatever spell the Elsicaran practitioner hoped to cast.

Unsurprisingly to the contemporary reader considering the obscurity of the cult to history, there are no known successes attributable to the Path of Elsicara. With Olcantan sorcery a more widespread and widely shared art since the Fall left the surviving original sorcerers without a home, these purely human attempts at grasping for Savronar’s secrets without His guidance are today little more than a curiosity.

@8w_gremlin I’m pretty certain L is purity, and 99% sure it must be impurity too (at least in some contexts). It came up in my studies in the same place as the other path knowledge. I’m also quite certain that N is body, for the same reason. It may also have an opposite meaning.

This looks to me like an imperative:
Other Body Move

Or actually:

Other body rest.

I think you may have mis-transcribed that one?

I’ve been looking at the meanings and when they switch and thought I saw a pattern. It seemed like when a glyph was the subject of a sentence, the meaning of it flipped. But It doesn’t always seem to work that way, so it may have been a coincidence.

So how went the additional exercises this weekend?
what more did we find out?

We found out that the glyphs act as a focus for ritual magic. Much like the type we used when keeping back Ghedron. We inscribed 3 onto the gauntlet, and were planning on using it to focus the god power out of the sorcercess and into the Vase of the maker (that we repaired that morning). Unfortunately this was not a battle where anything went to plan, so we weren’t able to attempt that.

To take/to give
to a person/object

So, basically both meanings apply at once.

Understatement of the year :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news is that we know where the power ended up and can probably do the ritual as-planned in the next game. But in order to use the runes as a focus, all the ritual participants need to know all their meanings, and which ones to focus on – so we might have to do a small lecture on Elsicaran rune magic to get everyone on the same page.

Oh man, this is going to put so many people to sleep, and Ari is going to love it. :joy:

I really wish I’d printed off/copied out the table at the top. That would have made for a much easier reference.

Now normally I am all in favor of ritual magic, but given this requires everyone to actually understand what they’re doing to not have horrific consequences for all involved… i might sit this one out. just. in case.

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I think I have a copy of our old work somewhere , and I have info from when Li Kui had Ghedrons powers, and what the effects the others may suffer.

Also think I may have another rune. (just checking)