Code of Conduct Complaint Received 13-7-16


On the 13th of July NZLARPs was contacted with a Code of Conduct complaint about a person that has attended events run by NZLARPs projects and affiliated projects. The complaint revolved around a pattern of behaviour that was in breach of the Code of Conduct as well as a single more serious event. NZLARPs takes such matters seriously and has begun its investigation.

Being an incorporated society we have to be able to show (if needed) that due process is being followed in this matter.

Before the committee took any action we wanted to gather information to show that we had sufficient witness statements or evidence that we could confidently say to our membership that there was a reasonable belief that taking action was in the best interest of the society, regardless of our personal opinions on the matter. With the help of the person that laid the complaint I have asked for the persons effected by the actions to give any details they wished. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the events an offer of confidentiality was made if the persons wished it. This matter is still ongoing.

Some of the organisational teams of larger projects (both affiliated with and run by NZLARPs) have also been contacted by the person that made the original complaint. Some have discussed a ban on a project based level which would prevent a person from attending events run by that project. The NZLARPs continues to support a project’s right to prevent attendance of anyone they deem to be detrimental to the running of an event.

NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary October 2016
NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary January 2017

NZLARPs has investigated this matter over the past few weeks, asking for statements from parties involved. To proceed with a disciplinary action the committee had to be able to show that there was sufficient grounds to support the claim and that reasonable steps had been taken investigating the claim, this is a legal requirement and failure to do so can open the club and committee officers to action.

Currently we have been provided a single anonymous statement on the matter. This is not sufficient for the club to begin disciplinary proceedings. In the interest of fairness we will not be releasing the names of any persons involved or the details of the complaint. This is not a reflection on the legitimacy of the complaint and the matter may be re-opened at a later date if new information is brought to light or a future complaint is laid against the individual.

That being said, the committee still supports a project’s right to exclude any person they deem to be a detriment to the running of an event based on the information they have. A selection of projects (both NZLARPs based and Affiliates) were emailed the same initial complaint that we were by the initial complainant. Some have already elected whether to take actions and others are currently in discussions.

Thank you for your patience.